The Kingdom of Kush

By:Burke and Travis


The Kingdom of Kush was very rich and powerful. The Kush people were very intelligent and sophisticated. Kush was constantly challenged by Egypt. Kush people were great architects and crafters. Kush was sometimes captured by Egypt but always won their freedom. Kush became extremely vulnerable to near by nomads. By about 350 A.D., Kush had slipped into ruins. It fell to ruins because Egypt started to be taxed by Rome, Egypt was a major source of trade for Kush. Kush could not trade with Egypt and became very poor. In the 1920s, a dam flooded the remaining ruins of the kingdom of Kush.

Our Facts!!!!

Kush is just south of Egypt. Kush had a large army of arch men to protect them. Unlike Egypt Kush got plentiful rainfall all year. Kush worshipped the same gods as Egypt but eventually became Christians. Kush had lots of gold mines, ivory, incense, and iron ore. Kush was very rich because they had lots of gold and iron; both were very valuable at the time.

Our Questions and answers!

·Why do we know more about ancient Egypt than Kush? We know more about ancient Egypt than the Kingdom Kush, because scholars were able to study Egypt for longer than Kush.

· Why was Meroë a great place for the capital for Kush? Meroë had lots of water for fields and animals also the ground there had lots of iron ore.

· What special skills made the Nubians so admired? The Nubians were great archers and were also great at making weapons and forging gold.

· Do you think it’s important to study ancient civilizations, Why? We think yes because a lot of them had great ideas and were very smart.

· Compare Kush to another ancient civilization you have read about. We are comparing Kush to Rome. Rome was very large and enemy’s with Egypt. Kush was smaller and allies with Egypt.

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