MB's Multi 1-2 Class News

Edition 3


This past week in our classroom we:

  1. Worked on the CAFE strategies: Back Up and Re Read and Flip the Sound with the book "Fall Friends".
  2. We have tuned into so many interesting words and phrases from our read aloud book "The Tale of Desperaux" that we need a new chart. We finished Book One/Book the First and are now delving into a new character...a RAT...Roscuro in Book Two/Book the Second!
  3. Work on Writing is going so well. We have met at least 18 minutes of stamina throughout many practice sessions.
  4. Read with Someone is off to an amazing start. We practiced echo reading last week. We were able to persevere and read with someone the whole time for over 17 minutes!
  5. On Friday we were doing so well that we we were able to begin making a choice during Daily 5 CAFE time from one of these three choices: Read to Self, Work on Writing, or Read with Someone. Read with someone was the most popular choice.
  6. We took both the Reading and Math Primary Growth MAP NWEAs. MB and Mrs. Langelier will use the information to plan for our content classes which will begin next week.
  7. We began Math By Self and Writing About Math to get ready for Math Workshop which will begin next week!

Bubble Party!

Many thanks to Elliott's family for sending in all of those bubbles!!! We had a mini celebration on Friday afternoon with our buddies from Mrs. Langelier's class and Ms. Clark's class, for all of the hard work we did on our NWEAs. We still have plenty of bubbles left and plan on using them in the Spring for some STWEAM activities.



Not only are we wicked smart and fun, but we are also handsome and pretty!!!
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MB in Augusta!

MB was up at the State House at a formative assessment meeting and we did such a great job staying focused on our learning and getting our pictures taken! Here we are practicing our work on writing stamina!

FYI Picture Retake Day is Nov. 7th!