Staff Saber Scoop

Sept. 4, 2015


*First Friday is tonight after school at Rockne's!*

Reminders from Wayne:

1. Please turn the power off each night to your amplification system.

2. Also, turn off your microphone each night.

3. Turn off your projectors each night.

4. Keep your doors closed during the day when the air conditioning is on.

Reminders from Annie and Tracey:

5. We have been averaging about 1 1/2 cases of paper used each day with our copiers. This is extremely high. Please try to consider alternatives to using so much copy paper.

6. Dress down passes were put in your mailboxes for turning in your Sunshine Fund money. If you have not turned it in please give it to Cos.

7. Please remind students in grades 1-8 that uniform shirts should be tucked in at all times (Jr. High students are starting to ask why the younger kids don't have to have their shirts tucked in).

8. Please remind your students that they should not be cutting through the MPR unless they are accompanied by a teacher.

9. Study hall monitors please walk the Jr. High students to lunch. This will help with the noise and the flow of traffic.

10. The Atlas Rubicon site is no longer available. We will let you know when the new site id up and running so you can code your lesson plans. Lesson plans were due this week.

11. Thank you to teachers who have already been in contact with parents about various issues.

Sept. 8 is a big day for us!

Sept. 8 is the birthday of Mary! It is the day that the women discerning a religious vocation and Sr. Denise are moving in next door. It is also the day our outdoor classroom is being built! Jake Thoman and Jake Parisi, two of our SHS alumni will be building the picnic tables and doing the landscaping for their Eagle Scout Projects.
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Our pavilion will be built on Tuesday, Sept. 8!

Lunch Duty Schedule

Michele S.

Cos M.

Judi B.

Tiffany G.

Kim H.

Morning Duty

Judi Buzzi

Eileen Monea

Morning Door Duty


Diane Moloney

Eucharistic Ministers

Team M

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 7:30am

Faculty Lounge

We will have our faculty meeting in the faculty lounge so everyone can enjoy our new furniture! The meeting will focus on helping everyone with Ascend and we will also discuss Wellness goals, LPDC, Teacher Information sheets, and celebrate a new grandmother on our staff!

Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday, Sep. 9th, 2:30pm

Channel 73

Today's focus will be Nutrition with a cooking show led by our seventh graders!

Student Council Elections

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 8am

In classrooms

Mass commemorating Sept. 11

Friday, Sep. 11th, 9:30am


We will ask all policemen, firemen, medics, veterans, and active duty military and their families to come up at the end of Mass and receive a blessing from all of us.

Positive Quote for this Week:

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More pictures from the scavenger hunt!

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Extra Effort Award for this week!

Max - For moving into a new apartment, handling sensitive situations with grace, and having a positive attitude!
Special Education Inspiration

Great video on students who had disabilities and became a success!

Please continue to pray for Adrienne's daughter, Darcy's cousin, and Diane's dad.