Ms. Collodora's News

Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our classroom! Week 5


This week we practiced short o words.

Reading and Writing

We finished our unit on schools on Friday with our Theme 2 test. We learned a lot about schools from long ago and schools from today. We also talked this week about good sentence structure. We know that all sentences start with capital letters and end with some kind of punctuation. We practiced a lot on the Smartboard by moving words around in a sentence to make sure that our writing is clear!

We also practiced the comprehension strategy of asking questions. When you are reading at home, check in with your learner and see what their “I wonder” questions are and what connections they are making as they read!

We also started our Daily 3 rotations this week, putting our stamina and practice to good use. WOW! These first graders are amazing! They did a fantastic job!


We have been working on addition skills this week, by making 6, 7, 8, and 9. We also learned some new fancy math terms like “sum,” “part,” “whole,” and “addition sentence.” We spent a lot of time using those words when giving our math answers so that we are true mathematicians. We also had a really fun time learning it doesn’t matter which order we add our addends! 2+4=6 and 4+2=6! They are the same answer! How exciting!


This week we started our science unit on Air and Weather. We explored air and found many interesting things out about it, especially when we mixed air and water! Can you keep a paper towel dry? Ask if your scientist was able to! On Friday, we explored air by making parachutes! So much fun! Next week we will explore air with bubbles and kites!

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

Conferences are Monday 10/12 and Tuesday 10/13. If you need to change your day or time, let me know! I'm very flexible! I'm excited to talk with you about your kiddos!

On Tuesday, the Buffalo Fire Department came with a fire truck and talked with the kiddo about fire safety. We learned a lot and feel very prepared if there is ever a fire!

Nolan was our Star Student of the Week.

Happy Birthday to Cole! We celebrated on Tuesday!

We started our school wide reading program this week. The orange circles (scales) are to be filled out each time your kiddo reads 10 books or 10 chapters of a book. As a school, we are trying to fill certain native Minnesota fish that are hung around the school. When we do, we have a school wide celebration! Feel free to bring more than one scale in if they are reading! The more we bring it, the faster the fish gets it’s scales!

No newsletter next week due to MEA! Have a great weekend and MEA break!