Super shoes by Jake Chapman

the slower you are the faster they make you

These shoes are the fastest shoes in the world!

These shoes are gunna make you as fast as lighting, we have desighned them to make a person that is the slow in to the fastest person whoever steped on this earth.

-Jake Chapman-

are other amazing shoes!


All of are shows can be very dangerouse so we ask you to take a saftey course after every purchase of are amazing shoes! Also use the shoes at your own risk!

Shoe Puluza

Friday, June 28th, 9am-9pm

1234cool Rd

This is one of our biggest sales of the year! It lets you have 50% off any purchase you have at are store! It doesnt last long though so please hurry down to are address and buy the shoes that will change your life!

amazing shoes amazing style!!


If you love are shoes and want some that no body else has then make your own any colors you please!