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By: Jackson Woods

Ancient Greece Olympic Sports

Ancient Greece Olympics had about six sports those sports are running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration and equestrian events.

On other days, wrestling, boxing, and the pancratium, a combination of the two, were held. In wrestling, the aim was to throw the opponent to the ground three times, on either his hip, back or shoulder. In ancient Greek wrestling biting and genital holds were illegal.

Boxing became more and more brutal; at first the pugilists wound straps of soft leather over their fingers as a means of deadening the blows, but in later times hard leather, sometimes weighted with metal, was used. In the pancratium, the most rigorous of the sports, the contest continued until one or the other of the participants acknowledged defeat.

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If you wanted to watch the Olympics you had to walk two hundred ten miles from Athens. There was not a fee to watch the Olympics. If the people were rich, they had servants that would wait on them. In the summer it was very hot, the rivers dried up. No one could cool off and many people collapsed from heat stroke.

Present Time Olympics

Modern day olympics changes locations each year. Now we have a Olympic every two years. The Olympics are somewhat similar to today in different ways. The Olympics are similar in certain ways. One way is that training is still very important. If they did not train they would not win. Another way is that it was important for the competitors to be clean. They bathed before the competed and after. Strength and fitness was admired as it still is today.
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