Mary Anderson

Inventor of a Windshield Wiper!

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Early Life and Childhood

Mary Anderson on Burton Hill Plantation in Greene County on February 19,1866 to John C. and Rebecca Anderson.Mary's father died when she was four years old,but Mary and her sister,Fannie and her mother continued to live together.Mary's father left his family lots of land.After,some years Mary's mom died.In 1903 Mary visited New York in winter.In 1953 she died in Tennessee on the age of 87.

Mary Anderson's Invention

In 1903, Mary Anderson visited New York in winter.It was cold and freezing.While, she was driving, she saw sleet on people's cars,and got an idea to invent a windshield wiper.And so,that is how Mary Anderson invented the Windshield Wiper.She has saved many people life.So Mary Anderson's invention was not that popular.

Important Events

Back then,people did not care about cars.Cars were not that popular that time.How would they know about windshield wipers? People did not care about cars that much, because they rode on wagons, more than cars.

Fun Facts

The Windshield Wiper wipes off sleet,rain water and sometimes snow.It helps many people when the are driving. Many of the people that know how to drive don't have accidents like, back then.


Mary Anderson has saved many people's lives while they drive.Her invention has been a pleasure to the people that now drive cars.
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( Mary Anderson's Invention )

Mary Anderson