FDR Foreign Policy

Jackie Malish

Neutrality Acts


  • When president acknowledged the war, restrictions would go in place
  • No Americans on "belligerent ship"
  • Cannot sell ammunition or make loans


  • Trade embargo on Spain against buying arms
  • Britian and France embargo
  • Completely stay out of the war


  • Passed by Congress,
  • European democracies could buy war materials in cash from America
  • Had to transport supplies back themselves

Destroyer-for-Bases Deal

  • Trade 50 destroyers from WWI to Britain
  • Received 8 defensive bases
  • Violated neutrality

Lend-Lease Act 1941

  • American arms leased to European democracies
  • Could be returned after war
  • Many criticized saying the weapons would not be returnable after the war
  • Used to avoid directly entering the war
  • Seen as unofficial declaration of war

Atlantic Chapter of 1941

  • Drafted by FDR and Churchill in August 1941
  • No territory changes against people’s wishes
  • Choose form of government and regain those under dictators
  • Peace and disarmament
  • Better world after the war