Organic Carbon

Hannah Stroh and Mackenzie Sork

Human Interaction

  • Humans accelerate the loop by bringing carbon deposits and burning them for fossil fuels which then can lead to/cause Global warming.

Example of positive feedback:

  • Increase c02 in the atmosphere leads to warmer climate which leads to more weathering
  • More weathering of organic carbon leads to increase in carbon dioxide
  • These feedback loops take years to act.


  • In real life, these organic carbon sedimentary deposits are deep below the surface and weathering cannot occur.
  • It is limited by how much is exposed to the earths surface.


  • Carbon is removed from the atmosphere when fauna in the ocean concerts it to solid carbonates.


  • Earth will not overheat due to positive feedback loop.
  • It will not overheat because it takes up a long time.


  • Oxygen-->fossil fuels--> then humans combust them and it makes carbon dioxide and water.
  • This gets absorbed by plants through photosynthesis and oxygen is released.
  • Plants get eaten by animals.
  • They die and decompose and turn into fossil fuels and cycle starts over.

  • Also the death and decay of animals and plants and their breathing or respiration makes water and carbon dioxide or the 2nd step of the cycle.