Community In OISD Elementary

Onid Elementary

Reaching Out

  • The school will let meetings and event be held in the school such as church groups or clubs outside of school. PTA meetings could be held somewhere at the school and every year

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What We Can Do...

  • Teachers should, if they have time, visit the families of the students of ONID ISD's elementary school, since it's in the future, ONID can use holograms to communicate to the guardians, face to face

  • Events associated with different organizations can be hosted in school

  • Certain events could allow parents and students to work together within the elementary school

  • Volunteers could help with these occurrences

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Social Media

  • Onid ISD could make a facebook page, a website, or a newsletter, all this online and easily accessable (newsletter can be mailed or handed to)
  • An official website can continue with this idea
  • Things like Kickstarter can help fund some events in the elementary school and etc
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