Bailey's Fam

AP Euro Project (Family Tree)

Bailey Wayne Dollar

Born on May 25, 1997. Bailey's parents, Kim White Dollar and Derrick Wayne Dollar are still together till this day. The name Bailey came from a TV show which his parents loved. He is a 4th generation involving the middle name of Wayne.

The Origin of The Last Name Dollar:

Scottish: habitational name from Dollar in Clackmannanshire.Americanized spelling of German Dahler, Daler, or Taler, topographic names for someone who lived in a valley, from Middle High German tal ‘valley’ + the suffix -er denoting an inhabitant.

My Oldest Family member alive today...

Beverly Bolick Dollar, the Mother of Derrick Dollar (father of Bailey Dollar) dad is still alive today. Beverly Bolick Dollar's father, Walter Wayne Bolick is still alive and the Great Grandfather of Bailey Dollar. Walter Wayne Bolick is currently 88.

Interesting Documents and Info...

"You never know what you're gonna get when you become a Dollar" - Kimberly White Dollar