Great Depression

Stock Market Fails

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People lost their jobs

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Stock markets had fallen

Presidents Herbert Hoover

Hoover blamed international economic problems and questionable business practices for the Great Depression. He thought that businesses should solve the problem and did not believe the federal government should get involved in helping unemployed people. Instead, he relied on state and local governments, churches, charities, and individuals to provide relief.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Launched the New Deal as soon as he became president. It aimed to fix problems brought on by the Great Depression. Such as relieving the poor. also by giving jobs to the unemployed. He also worked on fixing the economic reforms so that there is not going to be another Great Depression

Dust bowl

Wind storms would cause these dust storms that would make it hard to farm on the land. But the new deal helped farmers plant trees as wind breakers.

New Deal programs

The Stock market Program was probably the best deal because now people who were poor have money and people without jobs now have jobs.

Tenant Farmers

Tenant Farmers where people who did not have a large amount of land to plant and grow crops on. The law that had called these people was soon taken down.