Genetic Engineering

Should it be allowed?

Our argument against-

We don't think that it is morally right. Babies should be loved whatever they look like so they shouldn't be modified before they are born. Even though the baby won't know, it s like telling somebody that they need to be a boy or they need to be tall and thin, it is just wrong.

30 genetically modified children have been born in the US- 15 of them were part of a scientific experiment. A lot of people in the US claim it is unethical and it is illegal in many countries including the UK.

These children now have an affected germline due to the addition of genes. A germline is the genes that will be passed onto the children's offspring.

Overall, the majority of arguments are against doing this for any reason whatsoever.

Our argument for-

We think that some people will be willing to alter their babies because they may have been bullied through school due to their looks and they don't want it to happen to their children. As well as this, there are many other reasons for genetic modification of babies, these including:

1) To prevent a genetic disorder.
2) If you want a cetain gender you can have it.
3) We spend lots on education to make us more intelligent, exercise to make us fitter, diet to make us healthier - why not improve all of these using genetics.
4) It gives your child the best start in life.
5) It is the parents who will have to look after the child - they should choose.
6) A parent may already have a severe disablity themselves, and may not be around long to look after a child with the same condition.
7) People who are stronger, more intelligent and more attractive are also going to be happier.
8) It's just giving evolution a helping hand.

Genetic modification enables people to get the perfect child that they have always wanted.

What do we think?

We think that genetic modification of babies should be banned worldwide because it is immoral. We are completely opposed to any of the reasons for genetic modification because you should love your child no matter what.