New Zealand

By khavin :)

Basic Facts Of New Zealand

The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington

The currency of New Zealand is called New Zealand dollars

The National Anthem of New Zealand is called God Defend New Zealand

New Zealand's flag

The creator the of the New Zealand flag is First Lieutenant Albert Hatings Markham

The symbols on the flag represent the Union Jack and the Southern Cross

The flag has the colours blue,red and white

It doesn't say why the colours are used

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Natural features of New Zealand

their native plants include beeches,cabbage trees,Chatham tree and ferns

Their native animals include bats,birds,reptiles,frog,

New Zealand has mountains,beaches,volcanoes,fiords and caves

The human features of New Zealand

New Zealands population is 4865492 They speak New Zealand English and Maori

New Zealand has people called the Maori they are the indigenous people of New Zealand dancing is important for their culture and always have a meaning.

New Zealand's houses are the same as Australia's

Education in New Zealand has 3 levels of education early childhood,primary and secondary schools and further learning they have the same similar subjects to Australia.

New Zealand has buses,taxis,trains and ferries

New Zealand's connection with Australia

Australia and New Zealand fought together in many wars and have a day where we commerate the loss of New Zealand and Australian soldiers that fought for us in the war
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