The teenager withdraws from the collective TV

Entertainment brought the total family. Theoreticians of the claimed as a more aesthetic and artistic use. I am captivated much more the subject of radio as a means of expression. It provides the artist, the art lover, the theoretical, a new experience first, mukil fm it uses only audible, but not in any way, but in relation to what is visible, both in nature and in art in required the radio tamil fm use of radio as political tool and in which the listener had greater participation. We must transform the radio, turn appliance distribution tamil fm channel communication apparatus.

The radio would be the fabulous communication device imaginable public life, a online fm tamil fantastic pipeline system, IE if he knew it would not only transmit but also receive therefore not only hear the listener, but also make him speak, and not isolate, but to communicate with him. Broadcasting it should therefore deviate from those who supply and provide to listeners providers. Brecht, The society of the time was in the radio medium a reference changing with the advent of television and popularizing the transistor.

The new family environment is television, which occupies the center of the room and the distribution of audio content in the radio company radio becomes a online fm tamil means for individual use and mobility. Radio reaches the countryside, the car, the fourth youth, reminding since the advent of television, radio became a collectively listening that emptied churches, he has reverted to private mukil fm and individual uses. The teenager withdraws from the collective TV to your particular radio room, with the advent of television it becomes medium based on the information and immediacy, effective in times of crisis thanks to easy it is to inform or listen from anywhere.

He entertainment will be a mukil fm thing of television, except as regards the keeps music from the s a very special mukil fm relationship with radio to become the speaker of the new culture of rock and roll looking for that withdrawn in her room teenager. In north America, rock and radio were developed at the same because the programming time charts addressed precisely at the youth market teenagers they radio tamil fm online fm tamil use their stations using the same album as a background omnipresent for leisure activities, such as the sound of his identity of young people as a way to distinguish their places of adults. The evolution of listening radio medium as a means ends here traditional mid old, with media convergence and new media.