January Newsletter

First Graders are SUPER Learners!


In Science we are in a Health Unit. The students are learning about how to keep themselves healthy. They have learned about healthy choices for snacks, exercising, and getting enough sleep. They get really excited when they can show a healthy snack or lunch to their teacher. Another part of the unit is about GERMS. They have learned when to wash their hands and that they must use soap to kill the germs. They are creating an OVERSIZED paper doll about all of these lessons.

Our next unit is another ENGINEERING unit in which the children will learn about building walls. They will get to test which materials will be best for the walls and if the walls can withstand certain amounts of force. It should be exciting. This is the first time we have done this unit so we are really excited about it.


First Grade is going to the Outdoor Learning Center on February 19th. The students will only be gone for 1/2 of the day. Two classes will go in the morning and two classes will go in the afternoon. Be on the lookout for more information from your child's teacher.

Towards the end of the year our students will be going to the Dallas Zoo. We are hoping for great weather on May 6th. The students will be gone most of the day. More information after Spring Break.

Valentine's Day Party

Our Valentine's Day party is on Friday, February 12th. It will be from 1:45 - 2:25. The children will be playing games and giving out their cards. A class list will go home soon with the first names of the students in your child's class. Your child will be expected to make/decorate a box to hold their cards.

Parent volunteers are needed for each class. We will be sending home a letter for you to sign up. We will need four per classroom this time because of the games that we are playing.

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IMPORTANT REMINDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please remember to check your child's green folder EVERY night. Lots of information goes home in these folders about clubs, conferences, behavior, work, and upcoming events. Lots of green folders are coming back filled with all of the things we are sending home. If your child's green folder has been torn, which a lot of them have, please just use some form of strong tape, like duct tape, to put it back together. We have made the company aware of this problem and hopefully we will get it solved next year.
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Be on the Lookout!

Our conferences are being held during the last week of February (22-25th). Look for upcoming sign up information from your child's teacher. We will be going over mid year testing results as well as work samples. If your child is a "twin", your childrens' teachers can work it out so that you only have to come to the school once.