Summer 2014 Professional Learning

How will you grow?

Registration is open in Workshop! Please see below for this week's schedule update.

"Professional Development isn't a 3-hour workshop, it's a career long process in which educators fine-tune their craft to meet student needs." (@sjunkins)

Important reminders as you plan your summer learning:

  • Review the attached flyer to see session titles and dates. Full course descriptors are available in Workshop
  • To meet your 2014-2015 contract requirement, 6 hours (1 day) of professional learning must be accounted for in your Workshop portfolio by the end of the first semester (January 16, 2015). We have also added an Exchange Day for Martin Luther King Day Holiday (January 19, 2015). Participate in an additional 6 hours of professional development (12 hours total) and you can have the day off with your students! Please visit with your campus principal for additional details and information about this new exchange day for the 2014-2015 school year.
  • Need GT 30-hour training this summer? Registration for the 30-hour GT sessions for the summer is now open with Region 10. Here is the link: The Region X system automatically waitlists every single person who registers. That is not because the courses are full. This is simply to give Region 10 a chance to verify Advanced Academics Cooperative membership. Wylie ISD is a member district. You must register on the Region 10 website and in Workshop. The 6-hour update schedule is not available yet. The individual days of the 30-hour foundations training are not designed to be used as a 6-hour update.
  • Sessions and learning opportunities are still being planned and confirmed. Check Workshop often and we will continue to send you update emails regularly throughout the Spring