December 20, 2013

we will miss you Rodrigo!

Wednesday was Rodrigo's last day at ISP. He is moving to Colombia and will be greatly missed by his classmates and teachers here in 1.4. We made him a book to remember us and his mom was kind enough to bring treats to celebrate his time here.

Please stay in touch, Rodri! And remember all of us who love you very much!

holiday fun!

We took time to recognize and celebrate the upcoming holidays. We read books, watched videos, cut snowflakes, and made loads of arts and crafts.

while on vacation

Please continue to read with your child (nearly) every day. Of course take advantage of the incredible places you are traveling to by experiencing new and different cultures. Further this exposure by simply talking to your child about what they are seeing, hearing, tasting, learning, etc. Encourage them to write about their experiences. (Tell them Mrs Ryder will want to read about it when they get back to school if they need extra convincing.) And of course, be safe and have fun! See you in 2014!