If I Stay

By Gayle Forman


On a seemingly regular snow day, Mia's life is changed completely in a matter of seconds. Now she's faced with a choice between life and death. She's in the hospital with so many medical issues, without her parents or her little brother. What will she choose; wake up an orphan or leave her best friend and her boyfriend behind?


"I hear the nurse's words again. I am running the show... I decide. I know this now. And this terrifies me more than anything else that has happened today."


This is a quote from Mia when she finally realizes that whether she stays or goes is all up to her. She has the choice to wake up to never wake up again. It's all up to her.

"I know that all the magic kisses in the world probably couldn't have helped him today. But I would do anything to have been able to give him one."

-page 159

This quote was from Mia after she found out that her brother, along with both of her parents, had died after the car accident. She said that they had a special kind of bond and whenever her little brother would get hurt, she'd give him a "magical kiss" and he'd automatically feel better.

Conflict: Man vs. Self


"There are plenty of obstacles in your path. Don't allow yourself to become one of them."
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