Student & Parent News

September 2020

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome you to a new and very different 2020 school year! Although we are under unusual circumstances we are still just as dedicated as ever to your student's needs and continuing education. We want to remind you that attendance still matters. It is very important for students to be engaged in their learning. We are ready to assist them through this virtual situation, they just need to show up for us to do so. We have multiple ways we can support them if they are not understanding a concept they are learning. They can do this and we will help! Please don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on the team here at EEA with any questions or concerns.


Your Principal

Dr. Shannon Young

Please be sure to wear your masks when entering any school building, they are required!


EEA Staff

  • Dr. Shannon Young- Principal
  • Noel Phelps- Paraprofessional
  • Kim Zimmermann- Advisor
  • Emily Adams- Paraprofessional
  • Jody Marsh- Advisor/ Math Interventionist
  • Advije Jashari- Paraprofessional
  • Ann Kleiber- Advisor
  • Jean Abreu- Americorps Educator
  • Carol Lukens- Reading Interventionist
  • Lisa Hunt- Social Worker
  • Sarah Schneck- Special Education
  • Heather Rasmussen- School Counselor
  • Miranda Spangberg- School counselor Intern
  • Angela Zarnke- Administration

Meet Your EEA Team

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Virtual Schedule and Guidelines

Virtual Schedule

  • 9:00 Morning circle with advisory group, attendance will be taken
  • 9:30 - 11:30 Apex/Interventions
  • 11:30 - 12:30 Lunch & PE
  • 12:30 - 2:30 Apex/Interventions
  • 2:30 Closing circle with advisory group, attendance will be taken
  • 2:30 - 3:30 Email parent and advisor detailing the work you accomplished that day and set a goal for the next day

  • Students are expected to complete a minimum of 5 blocks per day and attendance will be marked per block. Please note that doing the bare minimum will not be enough to attain on-time graduation in many cases. Students are expected to keep their classes in the green for on-time graduation.

    • Advisory (a.m. and p.m. count as one together)

    • Intervention classes (typically teacher-led) count as a block.

    • Every APEX graded assignment counts as a block - this includes study guides, quizzes (modified versions coming soon which will replace study guides at that time), discussions, practices, tests, labs, and other items as assigned by staff.

  • Students are responsible for logging PE hours and submitting weekly hours to their advisor

  • End of the day closing circle will be at 2:30. After that meeting, students will be expected to send an email to their advisor and parent by 3:30 detailing what they accomplished that day and set their goal for the next day.

  • Shared with you on your google drive is a folder, “20-21 Success” where you will find resources to navigate different online platforms we are using (Kami, Google, etc.)

Attendance Policy

Students should miss no more than 10 days a year unless there are extenuating circumstances and those will require documentation from a physician. The attendance policy is valid during virtual learning time as well as in-person learning.

Wausau School District Nurses Video

Student Meal Services

  • On Monday, August 31, The USDA approved FREE meals for ALL students whether learning virtually or in person through December 31, 2020 OR until the funding runs out. All EEA Students will continue to receive free lunches regardless of this programs funding.

  • We are asking that families continue to fill out FREE & REDUCED applications online even though meals are free. When the FREE meals end for all, meal payment will revert back to eligibility status ( FREE/REDUCED/PAID) based on applications.

  • Please continue to complete online Pre-ordering of meals from Paypams ( where you are selecting your meal site pick up location for your student in grades K-12. This pre-ordering assists our department with accurate forecasting of meals by location, and decreases food waste overall.

  • The meal program is open to any and all students 18 and younger so those Pre-K family members or family members 18 and under who are living with you , but normally attend another district , may show up at the meal site and request a free meal. We will have “extra” meals to pull from. No pre-ordering is needed for these children.

  • Meal sites will operate safely like they did during the summer months. Cars will be directed to pull up to the meal site. We are asking that you please open your trunk or side door for staff to put meals into your car. Staff will also ask you the student’s name and school they attend.

  • Meal pickups are scheduled once a week on MONDAYS ( except the week of Labor Day, where pick up is TUESDAY, September 8) There will be 5 breakfasts/5 lunches per student in the lunch bags ( or 4 breakfasts/4 lunches for Labor Day Week).

  • Meal pick up locations:

11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary Parking lot
  • GD Jones Elementary Parking Lot
  • Wausau West Student Parking Lot
  • Horace Mann Middle School Bus Drop off area
  • John Marshall Elementary Staff Parking lot
  • Franklin Elementary Student drop off area (South side of school)

5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

  • Wausau West Student Parking Lot

Thank you for supporting our School Nutrition Services Department– we are dedicated to serving your children the safest, tastiest and most nutritious meals possible. This school year is a new situation for all of us. Changes to our meal service may happen with little warning, but we will do our best to keep families informed about changes in a timely manner.

Have questions or need more information?

Contact School Nutrition Services at 715-261-0805 (Ann) or 715-261-0806 (April).

FastBridge Assessments & Interventions

We will be administering FastBridge assessments in the next two weeks in reading and math. These are called "Universal Screenings" and they are focused on target skills that can be predictive of future outcomes. After the screenings, we then analyze student score data to help adjust supports they may need. It is extremely important that students try their best on these screenings.

Teacher-led supports will begin next week in math and middle school science. Reading and writing supports will begin as soon as we receive student licenses for the program. Ms. Lukens will contact parents and students when classes are ready to begin.