Ruwin Percussion

"You wont hit the rim with Ruwin."

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Tenor (Quads, Quints, Sextets)

No matter what type of tenor it is, our tenors produce a specialized never before heard sound. The sound is crisp, light, and it has a ring. The rim shot quality is very pure and distinct. Our tenors interior wood is made with a very lightweight but durable wood, that way it is not as heavy as other brands tenors such as Yamaha or Pearl.
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Bass Drums

We sell our bass drums in a variety of sizes. We sell the normal sized high school bassline size and smaller if needed. We also sell the drum corp sized bassline and bigger if necessary. Just like our tenors, the interior wood weighs less and is more durable. Also, you are able to tune the bass drums with ease producing either a low, dark sound or a bright pitch sound.


Although we sell other brands sticks such as Vic Firth and Innovative Percussion, we have some custom sticks of our own. We actually specialize in tenor sticks. We have created a heavier, agile tenor stick that has a faster and lighter rebound. The life span is twice as long as the sturdy Ralph Hardimon snare stick.
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Marching Snare Drums

Our snare drums are the same size as the Yamaha SFX snares (14x12.) Our snares have a more projected sound and the rim shot quality is very crisp and tight. The prices for our snares range from 350 to 650.

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