Teenage Sleep

By: Lauren Parker

Why is Sleep Important?

Sleep is important because it is while we sleep that our body rejuvenates, and prepares for the next day. Our brains go through different stages while we sleep, all which are important. Sleep is the time where we recover from all we did the day before while we were awake, and also our time to conserve energy for the following day.

Sleep Stages

Altered States are the states where our consciousness is altered different from normal.

Stage One of sleep is where the brainwaves are slow. This is the lightest sleep stage where a person is easily awakened which lasts about 30 minutes. This is the consciousness stage, where there is a steady stream of thoughts, emotions and perceptions.

Stage Two of sleep is where our body temperature drops and our heart rate slows. This lasts about 20 minutes.

Stages Three and Four of sleep is our deepest stage of sleep, we are hardest to wake at this point.

REM Sleep: is when we do the most lucid dreaming.

Circadian Rhythm: are physical, mental, and emotional behaviors that follow after getting no sleep for 24, which can cause a lot of damage to the human body.

Our preconscious is the thoughts that are unconscious at the moment, but aren't repressed and are easily recalled.

The unconscious mind contains significant and disturbing material that needs to be kept out of the awareness of others because it's threatening.

Selective attention is the particular part of the time we choose objects or choices without thinking about what it can do to you later.

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How to Get More Sleep

As a basic rule to helping teenagers, or really anyone, stop being sleep deprived is to have a consistent sleep schedule. If you are going to sleep and waking up at the same times, then your body grows accustomed to that, and you won't always feel so tired. Also staying up all night doing homework doesn't help anyone get enough sleep. It is very difficult to get homework done early in most situations, especially if you play sports or have a rigorous school schedule and work. But another great way to not be so tired is try to have your homework and dinner over with by 8:30 or 9:00, that way you have that time to just relax so you can sleep. After school naps are great to those who enjoy them; but they could be affecting the amount of sleep you get also. It is proven that if you sleep to much in the afternoons, then you won't sleep at night. So afternoon naps should end before 5 pm in order to be able to get a good nights sleep.
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