From how a tornado forms, to how dangerous a tornado can get

What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a natural disaster similar to tsunamis and earthquakes. It's completion is a fast vortex of violent wind travelling at 73mph. There are different versions of tornados such as water spouts, which are tornados that move from land to water.

Where Tornados are Usually Formed

Tornados can be formed anywhere at anytime, but they tend to form in dry flat terrain. In the Spring there are countless storms, therefore increasing the chance of a tornado spawning. The most deadly tornados spawn in a region of the Great Plains, Tornado Valley. It is located in central United States that includes Northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.
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How a Tornado is Formed

Tornados are formed from thunderstorms. A tornado is more likely to spawn when warm moist air meets dry air. When these two masses meet they create instability in the atmosphere.
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Are the Tornados in "Day After Tomorrow" Realistic?

I would rate this movie a 5/10

It is possible, but it is one of the rarest things that could happen, here are the reasons:

1. The disaster takes place in Los Angeles.

2. There are more than 3 tornados at the same time.

3. It came out of nowhere, no storm warnings.

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Why and how i triangulated:

I used the method of triangulation to see if my sources and information is reliable. I used several different medias and websites, I have sited all my sources used to create this informal poster.