News-Linc Halloween Edition


Halloween Parade and Classroom Parties

Our Halloween Costume Parade and Classroom Parties will take place on Thursday, October 31st. We have outlined important information below that will be helpful for parents and ensure that everyone is safe and enjoys the activities that are planned.

On October 31st, the morning will follow a normal routine except for AM Kindergarten. Those students will come to school dressed in their costumes and will parade through the halls at 10:15 AM. Parents who want to view this parade should enter through the office, sign in and wait in the hallway around the office. The parade will come to you! If you are a parent helper for that party, pick up your name tag in the office as the party will begin right after that parade. All party items can be dropped off in the front office any time before the parade.

The lunch hour for everyone for that day will be from 12:00-1:00 to make it easier for families going home for lunch. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades will eat from 12:00-12:30 and have recess from 12:30-1:00. Grades 3-5 will have recess from 12:00-12:30 and eat lunch from 12:30-1:00.

Costume Guidelines:

Keep in mind the costume guidelines of no masks, helmets or weapons. The District 200 Parent-Student Handbook states the following for costumes: Costumes - Students may not wear masks (including make-up) or headgear, which prevent the clear identity of the student or create a safety concern. Costume paraphernalia, such as theatrical props and imitation weapons, are not allowed. Costumes and/or make-up, which are considered threatening or otherwise inappropriate, are forbidden.

Unfortunately, any student not following these guidelines will be asked to remove anything that is preventing their identity. This includes adults that are helping this day.

Pick-Up Guidelines:

If you are picking up your student for lunch to assist with costumes please note that lunch/recess is from 12:00-1:00.

Pick-up guidelines are consistent with last year if you will be picking up your child at lunch to assist with costumes. All children will be escorted from the building to be picked up on Alchester. Please make arrangements to pick up your child on Alchester that day. You will be redirected to that area if you come to Door 1.


If your child is in Mrs. Jeter's or Ms. Kappelman's all-day kindergarten class, you may use Door #2 as an option. Please be sure to watch for a letter coming home asking to identify your plans for that day.

1st Grade:

If your child is in 1st Grade, you may choose to pick up your child at Door #6 as an option. Please be sure to watch for a letter coming home asking to identify your plans for that day.

If you plan on picking your child up on Alchester, please contact their teacher and communicate that information. If your child is being picked up by another Lincoln parent, be sure to inform your teacher who is picking them up.

We have implemented this change to help ease the congestion along our main drive to help keep our students safe. Please arrange to have your child picked up on Alchester at 12:00 PM if you will be assisting with costumes.

When returning to the building at 1:00 PM, please drop your student off at Alchester and we will have staff members outside to direct children safely back inside the building.

Staff members will be supporting traffic that day along our main drive to assist with the strict pick-up and drop-off procedures.

PM Kindergartners should come to school in their costumes. After lunch, students in All Day Kindergarten and grades 1-5 will change into their costumes. Remember to keep costume preparation to a minimum as washroom access will be limited.

Whole-School Parade:

The whole-school parade will take place at 1:45 PM on the south field. Parade viewers should proceed directly to the field. Be on time or you might miss it! Parents can choose to stand inside one of three coned areas, allowing the "S" path we created for the parade.

Classroom Parties:

Class parties will follow the parade at approximately 2:15 PM. Only parents whose names have been submitted as party helpers will be allowed in the building. With the large class sizes, there simply isn’t room at the parties for extra people such as grandparents or siblings. If you happen to park on a side street, be sure you are not blocking a driveway, read all the signs, and make sure all four tires are on the pavement. Let’s hope the weather cooperates for this special day! If your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, please contact the office to discuss options for the afternoon.

Food Reminder:

Our classroom parties will adhere to the Wellness Policy that is in place. We have a ratio of 2 healthy choices to every 1 treat. Information and food labels must be present for all items that enter the classroom. Homemade food items are prohibited. These guidelines are in place to monitor the different food allergies in the building. Lincoln staff members will be assisting with monitoring the Wellness Policy.

Important Times

AM Kindergarten Parade-10:15 AM

Assistance w/Costume Pick-up-12:00 PM (this will take place on Alchester)

Afternoon Parade-1:45 PM

Classroom Parties-2:15 to 3:15 PM

Halloween Costume Guidelines

Please take the time to review page 3 of the Lincoln Elementary School Handbook under the “Dress Code” headline that states the following:

“Students may not wear masks or headgear, which prevent the clear identity of the student or create a safety concern. Costume paraphernalia, such as theatrical props and imitation weapons are not allowed. Costumes and/or make-up which are considered threatening or otherwise inappropriate are forbidden.”

Please keep in mind that students need to be able to put on their costume in the classroom with minimal assistance. There simply are not enough washroom facilities for students to change clothes. For this reason, many students go home for lunch that day.

Inclement Weather

There will not be any inclement weather, but we do like to have a plan in place! All event times will be the same. The parade route will change and will take place indoors. We will do our best to accommodate visitors that day. Visitors will be limited to parents only if there is inclement weather. The Main Gym and Multi Purpose Room will be used as viewing areas for parents. We will monitor the weather throughout the week and communicate any change of plans.