Miss White's Crime and Trial

by Jessica Carter

Miss White's arrest

Miss White was arrested on late on a Thursday. She was processed and indictment was on animal abuses charges. She went before a grand jury and her bail was set. Under new laws Miss Whites crime was considered a felony.

The Trial

Miss White was not able to afford a attorney and so she was given a public defender and her arraignment was scheduled. Miss White was given a plea bargain but refused. It now came time for the trial and the petit jury was assembled. The one witnesses to the crime was subpoenaed to court, and the trial finally began. The defendant and prosecution both gave their opening statements and the witnesses was questioned. At first the witnesses, which was Miss White's neighbor Jim, said the he never saw Miss White hurt the mice she was accused of. The court soon realized that Jim was lying and he was found guilty of perjury. When the court found out about about his lies, the court was so mad that there were yells and shouts. The judge had to call everyone to order. After the truth came out the jurors went and decided the verdict. Miss White was convicted of animal abuse and the judge sentenced her. MIss White plans to appeal the verdict.