Moldican Party

By: Cheyenne Moldovan

Gun Control

"Stand Your Ground" Law

This is a law that justify's the use of deadly force when threatened, in contrast with the legal principle of an "obligation to retreat" first.

Pros of Gun Control

1.) Most violent crimes are committed with guns

2.) The 2nd amendment was created towards militia and the National Guard rather than for individuals.

3.) Suicides and crimes have a higher chance of happening with gun availability.

4.) Legalized gun ownership means that guns have a greater chance of falling into the wrong hands.

5. Terrorism, school shootings, etc. make guns more dangerous nowadays.

Cons of Gun Control

1.) Criminals will find a way to get guns, leaving law-abiding citizens helpless and defenseless.

2.) The 2nd amendment protects the individual's right to gun ownership.

3.) Therefore, banning guns is taking away yet another piece of our liberty.

4.) Guns in the possession of citizens are an added protection from government tyranny.

5.) Some may have no way of self-defense from rape and other crimes.

Moldican Party's Stance on Gun Control

We are not exactly for gun control but at the same time we are also not against it. We believe that in this day in time guns are an issue. They are one of the biggest reasons for high crime rates. Although they are dangerous at times, they are also a very helpful way for self-defense. Guns have the tendency to fall into the wrong hands at the wrong times which is problem but by having gun control we are taking away innocent people's rights. The Moldican Party believes that we should have gun control to a certain extent. We are for background checks.