by: Catherine Wright (8th period)


  • atomic number: 15
  • atomic mass: 30.974 (rounds to 31)
  • protons: 15
  • neutrons: 16
  • electrons: 15
  • valance electrons: 5
  • element symbol: P
  • charge: neutral

A=P=E (15=15=15)

P+N=M (15+16=31)

M-A=N (31-15=16)

  • Phosphorous was discovered by a German Physician & alchemist named Hennig Brand in 1669. He discovered it by boiling and filtering around 60 buckets of urine. Phosphorous is used in flares and is the red stuff that starts matches on the side of the boxes. The main use of phosphorous though is fertilizers.
  • When Hennig Brand found phosphorous, he was looking for gold
  • white phosphorous is very reactive because of the ring strain on the structure