Solar System Exploration

Nikkita Smith

Pre 1900

William Herschel


He worked as a German- British astronomer he also was an accomplished scientist from 1792-1871 he was a member of the founder of the astronomical society

Main Discoveries & dates

  • He discovered the planet of Uranus -march 13th 1781
  • Also the discovery of infrared radiation-1781-1800s
  • His biggest discovery was the deep sky survey-1782-1802s

As his great work in astronomy he had been rewarded the Copley medal

Technologies Used

post 1900

Name & date

Mars Rover spiret launch in june 10th 2003 landing january 3rd 2004 opportunity launch july 7th 2003 mars rover has just landed the biggest turning point last summer (last year)

Objective or Goal

the mars rovers mission was to be designed to last over 9 years its lifetime was to live to 2004