March Newsletter

AIESEC in Nova

March was an amazing month for AIESEC in Nova, we had the new diretion taking office, the recruitment of the new awesome members, we hosted RIMT and finally it was also the month of KickOff. March was undoubtedly one of the most active and gratifying months for AIESEC.

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Beginning of the new EB’s term

March was the beginning of a new era for AIESEC in Nova, when the EB Polaris took the place of EB Edge. This was one of the most important moments for the whole organization.


March started with a new recruitment, in which were recruited 25 new members. These were distributed for the teams that compose AIESEC in Nova.


This was surely one of the highest moments for all the AIESEC members. The feedback on this event was very positive, highlighting the atmosphere of comfort and fun.

"The RIMT exceeded my expectations. When I went there my knowledge on the organisation’s procedures and practices was very low. When I left I knew everything I had to know. Also I lived one of the funniest moments of my life and met fantastic people, whose ambition and creativity gripped me. Those people are now my motivation to continue and are the ones that make me fell proud to belong to AIESEC."

Rafaël Ferreira - member of oGIP

AIESEC in Nova‘s structure

With the new allocations and integration of the new members, all the teams that create AIESEC I Nova changed.

As we want you to be aware of the new structure, here are the members that forms AIESEC and their functions:

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Between the 21st and 24rd of March, took place, in Anadia, the first national conference that marked the beginning of the new EB’s term.

"Kickoff was a very rewarding team building experience. It was the culmination of the new EB’s very intensive first month. I think it gave us an idea of what was going to be AIESEC in Portugal in the next months. National conferences are always great moments for networking and for functional discussions. I recommend this experience to all the members."

Pedro Santana - LCP

How are the areas going?

ogip - Outgoing global internship program

TL - Wilson Ramos

March went very well. Since RIMT, my team managed to accomplish all the goals I set for them flawlessly. We are ready for the upcoming months, they are doing a great a job!

Member - Francisco Fernandes

I joined AIESEC in Nova two weeks ago and I didn’t know what to expect at all. It all started with RIMT, a weekend where I learned what AIESEC really does and what it stands for, it was really good because I got to know my colleagues and what I would do.
I entered in the oGIP area which means that I help the students who contact us to search for job experiences in other countries and to all the guidance they need to accomplish what they want to do.
I’m very happy to be part of this organization, although only little time passed since I joined. I think that working together with my team we can make the other people's experience a lot easier and joyful.

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ogcdp - outgoing global community development program

TL - Ana Guerra

During the month of March we curiously had exactly as many signups as we had planned. We promoted an info-session in Nova SBE to explain the programs and share some experiences with the interested students and we are already planning our next ones in other faculties of Nova University. The oGCDP team couldn’t work at full steam during March because it still wasn’t complete. But now, with the new members, we have the whole team together and I can predict that April will be a month full of hard-work and sucessful results.

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igip - incoming global internship program

Sara Sousa - Manager

March brought the end of Make It Possible project, and, as its TL, I can only be proud of what my team and the EPs achieved. After months of effort for MiP, we saw the project truly making an impact on high school students' mindset, who created awesome projects to improve their communities. Actually, 7 projects from our schools were selected for the Final Event, on which the winner is also from a school of ours.

Regarding this, I have to mention the EPs' work and support to the project and their kids, and the team members' dedication to make this possible (not only on this final phase, but during the whole process). On what comes to BD, March was the time for me to get to know the area, the planning the VP made for it, and what will we be doing in the next few times

TL GT (Global Talent) - Simão Menezes

The month went well but we were short on Members, so things went slower. April should now be more fluid.

Member GT - Anton kryvushchenko

Positive aspects

- I have the feeling that the AIESEC community is more involved with what the iGIP does than it was before, and that the people who aren’t directly in our team are interacting with us a lot.

Negative aspects

- I feel that I’m not as motivated as I could be. I believe the main causes for this are the family visits I’ve been receiving and the big amount of tests that is coming, both of which are very time-consuming.

- It looks like my team could be more dynamic that what it is now. I believe there’s room for more interaction to happen between us, so that we are able to motivate each other. One of the reasons I get this feeling may also be the fact that I wasn’t present at the RIMT.


- First of all, I think that all the problems will lose their importance as soon as I start committing more. I understand the importance AIESEC has, and I also understand that I could be dedicating more time to it, even though I have other pressing priorities.

- Second of all, I strongly believe these problems could be solved if the leader of iGIP had a more personal approach. I believe that he’s doing a good work and that his effort would pay off more if he managed to, for example, talk individually to each one of us. That would probably motivate me more and feel like our team is more dynamic.

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TL GE (Global Entrepreneurs) - André Gonçalves

It has been complicated scheduling meetings because I did not have members, but now the process has become more streamlined because the team is concentrated and focused on getting results.

Negatives: In March we could not schedule any meeting because the matching process was very delayed .

Positives: the EP is enjoying the experience and everything is going well, and the team is starting to get results.

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igcdp - incoming global community development program

TL ATIVA - Iryna Demchyk

Our team is doing good so far, we started later than the other LCs (except for NEFE) but we are no longer a step behind. The meetings have been going well, but unfortunately a lot of interested institutions can't afford the volunteers' price. Nevertheless, there are already 9 raises, and our team members are putting a lot of effort into the project, so we've got it all to make this big! We still have some meetings to attend, and we are heading now to the Match phase.

Member ATIVA - Margarida Toureiro

After the first month as an official member of AIESEC and, also, as a member of the iGCDP team, I couldn't possibly be happier. Throughout the course of March, dozens of things went well - but, obviously, some other things didn't go so smoothly.

First things first, I'm very proud of my ATIVA team, composed by my team leader Iryna, Catarina, Carina, Carolina and me. After our first meeting, I could immediately tell every person in that room was going to "bust their asses" working in our project: all those girls revealed themselves as super determined, ambitious and commited to make this an unforgettable experience, not only to the volunteers and the elderly people, but also to the entire Social Projects team and the AIESEC family. And that feeling I got from them wasn't misleading at all: all of us fully dedicated ourselves to the project these last weeks, calling the nursing homes, scheduling meetings, making long trips to the residences, and always sharing our feedback with our group and asking for advice when we felt a bit lost. The support of the entire crew was incredible and I'm so grateful to work with such amazing people. From my most interpersonal experience, I have to say it's definitely harder than I thought to "sell" our project, especially over the telephone. I got a lot of rejections; some said they'd call me back (but didn't), some insisted they already did what we were offering, and others simply never picked up the phone or returned my calls. It was clearly frustrating, to say the least. Out of the 7 nursing homes I was assigned, only one liked the idea and arranjed a meeting with me. Not sure if that's a bad thing, but at least I got one person to be interested in ATIVA project. Meanwhile, I went to the meeting this last thursday and, luckily, the lady was a sweetheart, having revealed a great interest and will to collaborate with us. Such a relief, I must say! We don't have an assured contract, but, fingers crossed!

Overall, it was pretty much this, and I'm looking forward to see what this month has planned for us. I'm hopefull that this will be our best edition ever: GO iGCDP!

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TL Summer MIP - Serenela Moreira

I would say things will be good from now on. Two weeks ago we have joined as a team and last week we started working! The first weeks are the hardest ones, because the team members have to learn working with each other and the tasks they have to do every day. Moreover, this is the right time to put our biggest effort in the project and to work hard, because “if you don’t raise today, you won’t match tomorrow".

Member Summer MIP - Beatriz Morais

As a new member of the AIESEC in Nova, my feedback about the last month is centered on the RIMT and the recruitment process. When it comes to the RIMT, the organizing team made a great effort in putting everything together and I understood that there is a big number of new members with a new spirit, with good ideas and ready to work. About the recruitment process, I really liked it because it was natural, with no pressure, like we were friends right from the beginning. Regarding what went wrong in March, I don't have anything to add once I just entered in this experience more seriously by the end of the month.

The suggestions that I have for the next months are:

- organizing more info sessions in more universities to make AIESEC, and specially AIESEC in Nova, an organization with more people interested in its projects;

- LC meetings to connect with the people from the other areas - and, of course, continue with the good work

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VP iGCDP (resposible for SWITCH) - Diogo Pascoal

Regarding SWITCH, the HPL has already been analyzed. Now, we need to contact the NGOs, so we hope to have news in the next month.

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TL - Inês Fernandes

This was the month when it all started, sometimes is difficult to understand what I am supposed to do and how to manage a three different people in order to create a team, but I am enjoying it very much. In march we got to know each other and started producing this newsletter you are now reading, I hope we have many more challenges.

Member - Rui Gomes

I joined AIESEC in last month, so I haven’t had time already to settle down. But what I can tell from the experience I had until now, it that it has been amazing. The RIMT gave me the chance to now everyone else. Everyone is great, super nice and cozy. Not only the older members that made sure that everything went perfect, and provided a great ambience, but also the new ones – they were awesome, and I really hope to work with them really soon. The RIMT was also a great way to get to know the AIESEC spirit, and to know a little bit more about the organization and what they do. Overall, it was a great experience, that got me excited to start my work soon and that really enhanse my expetations.


Manager PR - Sara Duarte

- We keep our parternship with NOVA Press with an article per month. In march our article was an interview with João Vasques, an EP who went to Thailand last summer; - We also keep our radio program. This month we had Jose talking about his experience here in Portugal. - We had two info sessions that were very successful (we reached almost 150 people); - We represented AIESEC at Feira dos Núcleos in FCSH. - We represented AIESEC at Futuros Lideres in Nova SBE - We are now promoting Global Management Challenge - We created posters - We are now on snapchat - We organized our facebook page calendar- now we have a specific topic for each day of the week.

Manager B2B - Ana Paula Pinheiro

This month, the marketing team was preparing the materials and the plan for OGX promotion. At the same time give the support to other teams in all digital materials that they needed. More especially, in marketing B2B, me and the director defined the strategy that we will follow to try to become more closer to companies and promote our ICX programs. We define some strategies that you will know more later. It was recorded a video with one EP of Panama, José, that will be used for iGCDP promotion. One big achievement this month was the Instagram, we gained 300 followers.

TL - Mariana Espírito Santo

This month in marketing we are discussing and planing our new ideas and campaigns. We have been building our social media presence and developing our materials. The team is exited to start and put to action inovative projets.

Member - Maria Peres Melo

I joined AIESEC on March 19 and my first event as a Youth Talent was RIMT, the exhausting but inspiring integration weekend. During these 2 days we learned all about AIESEC’s culture and values and got to know everyone from the Local Committee. What I really liked was the fact that everything, from the team meetings to synergies, was organized in such a way that enabled new members to fell like they are an important part of the organization and they can actually make a difference in the world. Furthermore, I also had my first weekly meetings with my team members, who were always very helpful and made me feel very welcome and even though it’s only been a couple weeks since I joined AIESEC I can say for sure that I am very excited to work with this creative and motivated team!

TM - Talent management

Manager Performance - Jéssica Costa

In my opinion, March can be divided into two parts. In the first part of the month, the committee was preparing to welcome new members and to develop the new structure of AIESEC in Nova with TL applications, recruitment and reallocations. In the second part, I joined the TM team and we have been discussing the problems of the committee in past year, and what we can do as TM to overcome them and have a better commitement between members and the organization (reading of the newsletters, the presence of LC meetings, motivation for the sessions organized by the committee etc). Moreover, it has been discussed and defined strategies to the theme "Alumnis" because we must create a better relationship between the current organization and old members.

Communication Manager - Márcia Marinho

March was a month of change, not only for me but for the whole AIESEC in Nova. March was the beginning of a new challenge, which I am very happy to belong and I hope to overcome my expectations and also the expectations of those who are with me.

LC Account

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This month we present you...

"I wanted to do something different, something that marked me in a special way, something that would allow me to expand my horizons and improve me at both personal and professional level. And so it was, a month after taking my decision I found my opportunity, I had been selected for a two-month internship in Curitiba, in southern Brazil. "

Carolina Faustino

If as Carolina you want an opportunity to work in a startup company abroad for only 6-8 weeks in the area of Marketing , Management or IT, then the Global Entrepreneurs (GE) is the right program for you! Don`t wait any longer, click here to know everything and sign up now!

Also, if you want to know more about Carolina's experience learn more here or watch te video.

In April...


April is marked by the incorporation of the new system of Reward Recognition. Meaning we are going to reward, in a fair and prudent way, all the people that dedicated themselves to AIESEC and make an effort to innovate and make AIESEC’s experience as gratifying as possible.

It is already time for you to mark on your agenda : 21st of April is the day for the LC Meeting.