Battle of Atlantic

By: Alijah Maerhofer

A little about the Battle

Battle of Atlantic was located through the Northern Region of the Atlantic Ocean. Once the United States entered the battle, this battle went all the way to the Caribbean Sea. This battle lasted 5 years and 8 months long. It started on September 3, 1939 and it ended May 8, 1945. The nations that were involved were, The US, British and Canadian navies versus the Axis navies, particularly German U-boats.

Durring the Battle

During the battle many ships were sunk about 150 merchant ships, each month were sunk. This battle was really bad because of the weather. After they left America the waves were safe but the America's waves were more safe because they had less choppy waters.

The US Navy did not enter the battle until 1941. Most new German submarines entered during 1945.

How many losses?

Allies lost-

36,200 sailors

36,000 merchant seamen

3,500 merchant vessels

175 warships

German lost-

30,000 sailors

783 submarines

About how many ships were sunk?

1939 : 222 ships sunk (114 by submarine)

1940 : 1059 ships sunk (471 by submarine)

1941 : 1328 ships sunk (432 by submarine)

1942 : 1661 ships sunk (1159 by submarine)

1943 : 597 ships sunk (463 by submarine)

1944 : 247 ships sunk (132 by submarine)

1945 : 105 ships sunk (56 by submarine)