When You Reach Me

By: Fatema Neemuchwala

When You Reach Me

This book is by the author Rebecca Stead. It has 208 pages and is a fictional book. Its lexile level is 750. Here is a picture of the book:


The main character Miranda was the one who changed the most because in the starting of the book she had a normal life. But then through out the book thing happen to her life like her best friend is punched in the stomach and then he starts to ignore her, then she finds out that the person who punched her best friend in the stomach goes to her school,then she meets her new best friend and more things like that happen. until she finds the first note and she starts to change part of normal life in order to obey the note which says the her friends life is in danger.

Character,Setting and Conflict

The Ending of the Book

It is a good ending because in the ending Miranda talks about the note and a little about her thoughts and feels. She talks about how Sal and her friendship works.

When You Reach Me - Book Trailer