McKinney High School

This Week

Photo I

Project #3: Architecture

Finishing this week:

The students will be photographing the beautiful architecture of our building on the inside and outside. Proceeding on to shooting on full manual mode the students will continue to put together all they have learned to produce quality images.

AP Photo

Unique Filters

The photographers will apply what we learn about artistic composition and design principles by using transparent objects as filters. The first couple of days will be spent on independent research and planning for what direction the photographers want to go. Every other day I will supply the students with useful tutorials. The students will turn in three photos at the end of the project displaying composition and design principle in three unique images.

Sidenote - The projects in AP Photo will always been student driven. The students will receive a broad subject for each project and it is their responsibility to explore the concept of the subject in multiple ways. Planning and working outside of the class period is imperative for success in this class.

Curtis Christian

Contact me if you ever have questions about the courses (or questions about photography in general)