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The Egyptians used resources wisely, such as when it flooded the turned it into irrigation. Irrigation was a way they could keep there crops growing .the way they got the water was from the Nile , they cut trees into giant logs and set them down on dirt as walls to help guide the water to the crops . Irrigation also made it to where other Egyptians could get different jobs besides farming .So irrigation made it really easier for Egyptians .

the Nile's importance

The nile was very important to the egyptians ancient egypt could not have excited without this.The nile would flood because of the rain this is where they would get there water. Why th nile is its important to flood was because Egyptian could use it for water source.they grew crops along the nile when the water went down. witch help them a lot it made it easier for them to do more jobs then just farming .The Nile also helped with there enemies because of all the cataracts , dry weather and bad flooding .These are not the only reasons why its also because they were so close they could get cooking water faster and just water any time.this is why the Nile is so important .

Achievements from the egyptians

There's a lot of achievements we still use today like irrigation but now we call it the water system. we have water hoses now to water our plants or huge machines .the Egyptian dig holes and used giant logs to make little water ways to get to there crops .There's also another achievement such as the writing system that was a big help to us and still is when the Egyptian first started the writing system they used clay instead of paper and a pencil they used papyri and scribes .There is also another achievement it so called law which is very powerful to us now but they had laws that where biest like if a man broke another's mans arm he would get a fine and a warning but if that man broke a slaves arm he would have to pay the slave owner now if he broke a priest or a wealthy mans arm he would have to pay a fine and possibly get sentence to death but now we on the other hand we are some what equal

monuments of the cat gods

Ancient Egyptian adored cats.Cats were basically there gods . Well cats where the first animal alive and the Egyptian where kinds building a liking over the cats sooner or later they found out cats could kill snakes such as cobras so that helped them and 70 years later more animals came to the world and Egyptian made monuments cats to them symboled poise and grace
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favorite pharoh cleopatra

Cleopatra was born 69 BC her spouses were Ptolemy Vlll and Theos Philopator and her parents are Ptolemy Xll Auletes and Cleopatra V siblings are Ptolemy Vlll ,Theos Philopatra ,Arinoe ,Ptolemy Xlll ,Berenice.Her children are Caesarion,cleopatra selen ll,Alexander Helios,Ptolemy Philadelphus she was one of the pharohs that we still remember today theres movies about her and other things but the sad thing is she died August 12,30 BC