Ms. Braun's Classroom

New Year, New Expectations!

Welcome back to school!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Winter Break and enjoyed celebrating the holiday's with family and friends!

Before the break, I noticed that my current classroom management plan was not working! I knew it was time for a change. A new year means new expectations for myself and the students. Therefore during the break, I made some adjustments to the classroom's management style.

This newsletter contains the new adjustments. Feel free to contact me for any comments and/or concerns.

Classroom Rules

New Classroom Rules:

1. Follow directions.

2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self at all times.

3. Raise your hand to ask a question.

4. Be kind to your classmates.

Supportive Feedback

In the classroom, I want to encourage productivity and good behavior. I have created new incentives to support desired classroom behavior.

1. Verbal recognition: Praise or encouragement verbally in the classroom during the day.

2. Individual rewards: This could include positive notes left on student's desk, agenda or an encouraging home phone call.

3. Class Privileges: This could include class coupons consisting of a variety of different rewards students can earn for outstanding behavior.

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Corrective Actions

I have adjusted my consequences for the remaining of the school year to discourage misbehavior. Listed below is how students will be addressed for their misbehavior.

1st time: Time out

2nd time: Ut-oh! One to two minutes after class.

3rd time: Make a better choice next time! Think Sheet.

4th time: Recess or lunch detention

5th time: Time out in another classroom.

6th time: I mean business... Immediate phone call to parents.

Policies & Procedures

Morning Procedures! Taming the Morning Madness.

1. Hang up your backpack.

2. Pick your lunch, brought or bought?

4. Read morning message.

5. Start morning work.

Afternoon Procedures! One minute until dismissal.

1. Clean up your area.

2. Pack up your belongings.

3. Stack your chair.

4. Sit on the carpet and give me 5!

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