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Friday, February 10, 2023

CFIE Mission:

The Carolina Forest International Elementary (CFIE) community is accountable for educating and empowering our students to make a difference in the world.



  • Please keep your child's lunch account up to date so they have enough money on their account to purchase their breakfast/lunch and, if you allow, snacks can be purchased too- OCS Nutrition makes it easy by having a way to make payments online! Did you know that meal charges left unpaid follow your child each year? When they get to middle and high school, students who owe money for meal charges may not be able to try out for extracurricular activities like sports and may not be permitted to walk the stage at graduation unless these charges are paid! If you think you may qualify for free or reduced meals, please complete the online application ( Be sure to also send money for meals while you wait for the decision on approval!
  • 2/13- Lockdown Drill for staff & students

    2/15 - First Grade Field Trip

    2/20- Staff Workday- no school for students

    CHECK OUT NEXT WEEK’s CFIE Family Newsletter for Sweetheart Dance, 100th Day and Black History Month Celebrations & Learning!

Assessments- What they are and Purpose

Throughout the year, students take assessments to help teachers determine students’ specific needs in order to plan instruction to meet those needs. Here is a breakdown of the different assessments your child may take and their purpose:

3rd Grade Reading BOG (Beginning of Grade) Assessment - this is a State assessment to get baseline data on students’ understanding of standards taught in third grade.

iReady Diagnostics - Taken during the beginning, middle and end of the year, the iReady diagnostics determine the students’ individual pathways to work on areas that help close gaps.

CFAs- These common formative assessments (CFAs) measure specific standards being taught in class. They are given before a unit of instruction so teachers know what students already know, sometimes halfway through the instructional period to assess progress and at the end of the unit to assess understanding of standard(s) and any next steps for further growth opportunities.

NC Check-Ins -“The NC Check-Ins and NC Check-Ins 2.0 are formative interims developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Annual Testing Program and are aligned to North Carolina grade-level content standards.

The main purpose of the interims is to provide students, teachers, and parents or guardians with immediate in-depth data and a reliable estimate of students’ current performance on selected subsets of content standards. The end-of-grade (EOG) and end-of course (EOC) tests share a common question bank with the NC Check-Ins and NC Check-Ins 2.0, which then exposes students to similar question types and rigor found on the EOGs.”

Reading, Math & Science EOGs - “The EOG tests are required to be administered online. Exceptions to this rule are for approved technology hardship requests or for students with disabilities who have documented accommodations that dictate a paper test format is necessary for accessibility.

• The testing window is the last ten days of the school year.


o The reading tests are aligned to the NCSCS for English language arts.

o Students read authentic selections and then answer questions related to the selections. o Knowledge of vocabulary is assessed indirectly through application and

understanding of terms within the context of the selections and questions.

o The grade 3 test questions are multiple-choice.

o The grades 4–8 test questions are multiple-choice and technology-enhanced (for

online administrations).


o The mathematics tests are aligned to the NCSCS for mathematics.

o The mathematics tests consist of two parts: calculator inactive and calculator active.

Students are not allowed to use calculators during the calculator inactive part of the test; students are allowed to use calculators during the calculator active part of the test.

o The grade 3 test questions are multiple-choice.

o The grade 4 test questions are multiple-choice, numeric entry questions (for online

administrations), and technology-enhanced (for online administrations).

o The grade 6 test questions are multiple-choice, gridded-response (for paper

administrations), and numeric entry questions (for online administrations).

o The grades 5 and 7–8 test questions are multiple-choice, gridded-response (for paper

administrations), numeric entry questions (for online administrations), and technology-enhanced (for online administrations).


o The science tests at grades 5 and 8 are aligned to the North Carolina Essential

Standards for Science.

o The science tests test questions are multiple-choice and technology-enhanced (for

online administrations).”

ACCESS for ELL test - This is a yearly test usually in February/March for students receiving English Language Learning services. It measures progress of English acquisition in 4 areas: Listening; Reading; Speaking; and Writing.

Kindergarten Celebrates CKLA Unit in Royal Fashion!

Students in Kindergarten celebrated finishing their CKLA unit on Kings and Queens decked out in their best royal attire! Through this unit, students not only learned about kings and queens of the past and now, but also the royal families, and the roles each perform. Additionally, this unit theme connected students to fairy tales and myths, where they analyzed and compared characters in each story!


Our Apex REMIX Fitness fundraiser and leadership program kicked off on Tuesday, January 31st and ended Friday, February 10th. Thank you to Kickback Kam, Smile Kyle, and Lightning J for energizing our school and making these two weeks memorable! Congratulations to Mrs. Smith’s Class for earning the coveted APEX chunky chain! Winners of the Principal Challenges were Mrs. Edwards's 4th grade class, who pied Mrs. Dalimonte and Mrs. Smith’s class, who mummified Mrs. Hill! The APEX Re-Mix was a great ending for students on this fundraiser, but a great beginning to use all the character traits they have learned about from APEX!

TITLE I NEWS! Read Across America Week & Title I Family Night is Coming!!

Read Across America Readers Needed (February 27 - March 3)

Would you like to share you reading talents with CFIE? We'd love to have you come share a story with us as we celebrate Read Across America Week! Please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you to set up a time to come visit. If you have any questions, please reach out to Melanie McGuire at We look forward to hearing from you! See below for our week of fun attire to wear during this week!

Here is the link for the guest reader sign up:

The next Parent Workshop Night is Thursday, March 2nd, from 5-7 pm, during our Read Across America Celebration!

Other Title I News:

Check out the Digital Children’s Reading Initiative resource below for families!

Here is the link to the Title I Page on our school website:

On the website you will also find a link for resource bags but here is the link for easy access- .

Reminders will be going out/have been sent out to return any bags currently checked out, and new bags will be sent home that have been requested. We are currently in the process of creating Spanish resource bags, so please look for more information to come forth soon!

Melanie McGuire

Title I Coach

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Big picture

MFLC Corner with Mrs. Neal

CFIE Staff and Family Preparation for Month of the Military Child

Beginning February, please send a copy (not an original) of a photograph featuring your CFIE student that includes your military family member (active duty and/or veteran) so it can be posted on the school Appreciation Board through April, Month of the Military Child.

During MOMC the school community expresses gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices of our military affiliated students and families. Please read Community SMORE weekly for updates regarding MOMC so we can collaborate in making this year extra special for your military. Thank you.

Scholarships for Military Children, 23-24 Academic Year

Applications are now open for the Scholarships for Military Children Program for academic year 2023-2024. The program recognizes the contributions of military families to the readiness of the fighting force and celebrates the commissary’s role in enhancing military quality of life. It’s administered by the Fisher House Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping service members, veterans and their families. For more information and to apply, visit:

2023 Black History Month Observance – Inspiring Change

This year’s theme, “Inspiring Change,” epitomizes the contributions of African Americans to challenging racial inequities and promoting opportunities for equal advancement within the African American community. The 2023 Department of Defense Black History Month poster depicts (from left) Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Ezell A. Blair, Jr., and David Richmond, on the second day of a peaceful sit-down protest they organized at a Woolworth in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Greensboro Sit-Ins were the first prominent non-violent sit-in protests of the civil rights movement and lasted from February 1 to July 25, 1960. The protests led to the Woolworth Department Store chain ending its policy of racial segregation in its stores. The protest began when McNeil, McCain, Blair and Richmond, African American students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, sat down at a lunch counter inside Woolworth and politely asked for service. Their request was refused, and they were asked to leave. In response, they chose to remain in their seats. This passive resistance and peaceful sit-down protest helped ignite a youth-led movement to challenge racial inequality throughout the South. McNeil went on to become a Maj. Gen. in the U.S. Air Force.

African American Heritage Special Meal Observance, Feb. 16

All military personnel and DoD Civilians (CAC holders) are invited for a special meal at all Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River mess halls. The African American Heritage Meal will be served for lunch on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2023. The menu will include: Peanut with Chicken Soup, Jambalaya Chicken & Shrimp, Cumin Beef Stew, Yams and Plantains, Okra and Greens.

Mess Hall Super Bowl Tailgate Celebration, Feb. 10 and 12

All military personnel are invited for a Super Bowl Tailgate themed meal during lunch at the below Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River mess halls.

Friday, Feb. 10 – Lunch Meal

  • Mess Hall FC 303
  • Mess Hall 227

Sunday, Feb. 12 – Lunch Meal

  • Mess Hall RR 135
  • Mess Hall G640
  • Mess Hall AS4013
  • Mess Hall 128
  • Mess Hall BB125
  • Mess Hall 455

Stay Connected with Camp Lejeune

Stay Connected with MCAS New River

No-Cost Tutoring for (almost) Everyone in a Military or DOD Family!

"The expert tutors at can help you work through tough homework problems, improve your writing skills, study for a test, review a difficult concept, and so much more!"

"Get Started:

1. Go to

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4. Click Get a Tutor Now."

Students communicate with their tutor through "text chat or audio connection to communicate with your tutor in the online classroom." There is no cost and this online help is for K-12 through college. It is safe and anonymous - "All tutors pass background checks, and no personal info is shared."

Order a CFIE Yearbook!

Right now, the yearbook is $20. After March 1 deadline, they will be $25. Here is how to order online -

  • go to
  • Click Order Pictures and Yearbooks.
  • Enter our Online Code: YB27128
  • Enter your name and email, then click Access Yearbook.
  • Enter your child's information, then click Submit Details.
  • Select your product and quantity. Click View Cart to proceed to checkout.
Show our CFIE Staff some “K-cup” LOVE! Our supply of K-Cup coffee is very low. We are seeking donations of k-cup boxes for our staff cafe’ to keep our staff going and to warm them up on these cold days coming our way! If you can help us out, please drop them off at our school or if ordering online, you can send it directly to our school at Carolina Forest International Elementary, 141 Carolina Forest Blvd., Jacksonville, NC 28546. Here is an Amazon wishlist:

Thank you for your consideration in donating!

Volunteer Opportunities at CFIE/ Be a Field Trip Chaperone!

There are opportunities to volunteer if you are not currently fingerprinted like proctoring the EOGs; helping in the library shelving books; cutting out manipulatives and bulletin board items; helping with our garden upkeep, helping with celebrations; cultural/career presentations….- if you wish to help in these kind of activities, reach out to our PTO at! When volunteering in this capacity, you will still need to report to the office first and bring an ID card to be checked into the school’s security system in order to account for everyone in the building in case of an emergency.

In order to be a volunteer at CFIE to work directly with students, including being a parent chaperone for field trips, the following process must be followed and approval obtained from District Office after a background check.

First, you must complete the the following form and seek Mrs. Hill's approval and signature-

Onslow County Schools Criminal Background Checks for School Volunteers form

Second, bring the completed and signed Background Checks form and a picture id to one of the fingerprinting sessions below:

Wednesday, February 15, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.)

Lastly, as long as everything checks out, begin your volunteering experience with CFIE!

Menu Changes

We have been experiencing shortages in items lately. This has caused the menu to change at times. When we are made aware of any changes in products not being delivered and, therefore, menu changes, we will post this on our Facebook page as well as share with teachers to share with their families.

Upcoming Events

Mark Your Calendars!

2/13- Lockdown Drill for staff & students

2/15- First Grade Field Trip

2/20- Staff Workday- no school for students

2/21-2/24- ACCESS Testing (ELL students)

2/27-3/3- ACCESS Writing Grades 1-3 ELL

2/24- Interim Reports go home

2/25- Odyssey of the Mind Tournament

2/27-3/3- Read Across America Week/CHEW Food Drive

3/2- Read Across America Night (5-7 pm)/Title I Parent Workshop

3/2- Kindergarten Dental Screening

3/8- Tornado Drill

3/10- Staff Workday- no school for students

3/12- Daylights Savings Time Begins - Spring Forward 1 hour

3/15- Geography Bee

3/17 - Fifth Grade Field Trip

3/21- Spelling Bee

3/22- Early Release Day- students dismiss at 12:00 pm

3/28- Multiplication Bee

3/29- End of Grading Period

3/29- 1st Grade Guest Speaker, Mary Downing, Onslow County Museum

3/30- NEHS Induction (9 am)

3/31 - Third Grade Field Trip

4/3-4/7- Spring Break - no school for staff & students

4/10- Staff Workday - no school for students

4/11- 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade NC Check-ins (window open until 4/14)

4/13- Report Cards go home

4/14- Grades 3-5 Awards Ceremony

4/14- 2nd Grade Field Trip

4/18- Lockdown Drill for staff & students

4/18 - Title I Parent Workshop

4/20- Grades 4-5 Chess Tournament

4/21- Grades 2-3 Chess Tournament

4/27- Math Counts Competition

5/1- Staff Workday - no school for students

5/1-5/5- Staff Appreciation Week

5/4- K-2 Field Day

5/5- 3-5 Field Day

5/8- EOY iReady Math Diagnostic & DIBELS

5/9- Interim Reports go home

5/19- Future Forward Fair (5-7 pm)

5/26-6/9 NC EXTEND I Testing

5/29- Holiday- no school for staff & students

5/31- Reading EOG (3rd) & Science (5th)

6/6- Reading EOG (4th & 5th); RTA (eligible 3rd)

6/8- Math EOG (3rd-5th)

6/9- Students Last Day of School/Report Cards go home

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