Humphreville's Homeroom

6th Grade Happening's

Hello Families...

I hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! I know the kids have appreciated the spring like weather at recess! We are starting to see more students catching colds and viruses. We have been cleaning our desks with Clorox Wipes each day, and making sure that they are reminded to keep hands either washed with soap and water or sanitizer. They were cleaning the rooms and disinfecting them as I left tonight. If you would like to help out, we could use more wipes and hand sanitizer for our room.

Work Like A Captain...Play Like A Pirate!

ELA: In English students have been busy researching how to pick an opinion on a topic and back it by valid research for a persuasive paper they will begin writing this week. We have also been learning about what makes a quality resource online, and not plagiarizing others work. They have begun to outline their paper and were told to finish it over the weekend. If they don't have internet access at home to get to Google Docs, they can visit the library or several businesses offer it free. They can let me know Monday if they need more time. The completed paper will be due this Friday, February 26th (outline, rough draft and final paper).

Social Studies: In class students have been learning about the middle ages and social classes. They will do a compare and contrast activity in a few weeks.

Math: In math we are still moving through ratios, equivalent ratios, and rate reasoning to solve word problems. We will have several nights of rate homework, for added practice. Remember students have access to my Weebly website at night and can play many math practice educational games, like SumDog, Frontrowmath, and MobyMax.

Science/Engineering: In engineering today with our kindergarten buddies, we built a marble launcher with students today to see how far they could move a marble with different tools and not with their hands touching the marble. In science we took a plate tectonics test today and will move to the three types of rocks next week. Students will be bringing in a rock sample "pet rock" for observations.

Several students have already been the scientist of the week and have completed a demo for the class. Please check with your student and make sure they have a science demo in mind. Many have enjoyed it so much, they have asked to do a second science demonstration for the class, which is great!

Star360 Testing

I just sent home a Parent Report Form, from the latest ELA and math assessment that we took in January. These are practice tests that help get students ready for the state assessments this spring. These reports have suggested skills for students to do at home for additional practice. I have also added more websites to my Weebly for additional educational practice (RazKids, Sumdog, & English Interactives). We are talking about tips for testing in class, i.e. underlining important information, taking your time, and re-reading what the question is asking for, before answering. We are also going to set personal goals to achieve on our next Star360 practice test. Please have them read 30 minutes each night. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Save the date...

February 2016

26th Final Copy Persuasive Papers due

25th World Read Aloud Humphreville Homeroom 1:40-2:40

26th Google Expeditions 1:40-2:10 Humphreville Homeroom & Egypt

March / April 2016

10th – 22nd ~ Book Fair

24th No School PD

25th No School

28th- April1st Spring Break

April 4th School Resumes

Items needed in our classroom:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Clorox Wipes
  • food coloring
  • Metal pie pans (circle and squares)
  • Pipe Cleaners any color
  • Playdoh (any color, kind)
  • wine corks
  • White Vinegar
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Paper Plates, Cups, Bowls, Silverware (used for science projects)
  • Egg Cartons (for paint trays)
  • Lysol Spray
  • Peace Lily (NASA's list of plants that most improve indoor air quality)
  • plants for our classroom
  • Candy for testing treats (Life savers, Mints, Butterscotch, Smarties etc.)
  • Lego's or any games for indoor recess
  • different size pieces of rope
  • Any indoor engineering games (Snap Circuits, Makey Makey, Lincoln Logs)

Send me an email if you have any of these items to donate. Thanks!

Technology Reminder...

Please help remind your students that their computers are a learning tool that need to be charged every night before bed. Several are starting to show up with no charge on them. We do not have the capability to re-charge everyone's devices at HC STEAM. Also, cell phones are to remain off during the day and in a student's backpack. They know that they can always check with me during non-learning times if they are expecting a message from home. I will implement a cell phone jail in our room, since we have had a few phones being used in the restrooms and in their specials classes. If I take their phone they will get it back at the end of the day. Thanks for your support with this!

Dental Health Month...

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Cass County Dental Clinic will be sharing oral health information all month long! Follow them on Facebook ( for information on everything from sugary drinks to sealants and for tips to keep your child’s smile healthy! #Month4Smiles

Kindergarten & 6th Grade Buddies

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6th Grade Schedule


9:00-9:10 Bell/Seat Work/Writing Prompt

9:10-9:30 Attendance/Lunch Count/Jobs/Conscious Discipline/Study Hall

9:30-10:00 Recess

10:00-11:00 ELA/RTI

11:00-11:05 Brain Break

11:10-11:35 Lunch

11:35-12:50 Math

12:50-1:35 Specials/Plan

1:35-2:05 ELA/SS - Reading/Writing workshop

2:05-2:10 Brain Break (healthy snack)

2:10-4:10 Science


12:00-12:45 Computer Lab

12:50-2:20 Specials/PLC

2:20-2:50 ELA/SS - Finish Reading/Writing workshop

2:50-2:55 Brain Break

2:55-4:10 Science


1:40-2:30 Library

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