War of 1812

Canada uprising

War of 1812

As the war of 1812 progressed. The U.S. declared war against the closest British North American land. That land the U.S. attacked was called "Canada". The British were prepared to send defenses to protect Canada. As the British planned the U.S. were already at Canada. Instead of the British, the colonists fought for themselves. The colonists won the battle against the U.S. The colonists were soon acknowledged by the British.

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic War

Half the reason why the U.S. was against the British was because of the Napoleonic War. The fight between the two countries were basically part of the Napoleonic War in Europe. In 1789, France had a revolution. They had violently dethroned their Monarch and became a republic. This made many Monarchs in Europe nervous. What if their people rose up against them too? Countries ruled by Monarchs, including Britain went to war against the French. Napoleon was a French general who defended the French. He was able to conquer a large part of Europe; therefore the wars were named after him.

In 1812, the Napoleonic wars triggered conflict in North America. As part of its war against France, Britain shut down trade between France and the U.S. Britain blocked American ships from landing at the French ports. The British ships then looked for American ships looking for British deserters. The U.S. then got mad, and decided to retaliate by attacking the closest British land, which is now known as Canada. The colonists fought for themselves which had surprised the British. The colonists won the fight against the U.S. which was not expected by Britain. Canada was soon acknowledged by the British. If the war of 1812 never happened then Canada would not be a country today. This change has lasted for a long time. It has lasted until today.


After this event. Canada is now an important country. This change has lasted until this day. Canada is now acknowledged world wide. Canada is a great strong country. If it weren't for the U.S., Canada wouldn't be a country.

Many lives were lost. Others were driven to insanity. Billions of dollars with repair. What will happen next?


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