Lexi Williams

What is satire?

Satire is the act of making fun of someone or something to teach them a lesson, whether it be good natured or mean spirited.

Types of Satire

There are four types of satire normally used.

Exaggeration- To exaggerate i to enlarge, increase, or represent something beyond normality so that it becomes ridiculous and its faults can be seen. Exaggeration in satire is commonly used in caricature art, which exaggerates the physical traits of the subject and is often seen in political cartoons.

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Incongruity- Incongruity is to present something that is very out of place or considered absurd to its surroundings. A few examples of this would be oxymorons, metaphors, and irony.
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Reversal- reversal satire has to do with presenting the opposite normal order, whether it be the order of events or hierarchical order. An example of this would be having breakfast for dinner or an elementary school principal putting a child in charge.
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Parody- a parody is imitating the techniques or style of a person, place or thing to criticize the original. In order for a parody to take affect the audience must be familiar with the original piece being parodied.
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Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead play into the average teenage boy stereotype, mocking it by using absurd sexism, stupidity and self destructiveness.


Human Farm

There once was an ordinary farm in a hilly town in Iowa. Farmer Benjamin Cow and his wife, Bell, ran the farm with the assistance of their good friends Winny the Horse and Parker the Pig. Every morning, the farmer's family and friends would set off before dawn to do their daily work. Benjamin Cow's job was the hardest of all-he had to harvest the crops and tame the humans that were ridable. The others that were unable to be tamed unfortunately were sent to the butcher house. In the butcher house, Parker the pig worked long hours to butcher and package the humans to be sent to the supermarket. He had a very big appetite, therefore he had a hard time controlling his hunger while he was doing his job. Occasionally he would slip up and eat the humans he was butchering, hoping Benjamin Cow wouldn't find out.

One day, while Winny the Horse and Bell Cow were doing their jobs and collecting the infants bred from the humans, they heard an excruciatingly loud scream. "Please, Benjamin Cow! Spare me some mercy, please!" The women rushed towards the pleads of help to see what was going on.

When they arrived to the feeding troughs, they saw Parker the Pig laying in one and being eaten by the humans surrounding him. "I gave you plenty of warnings, yet you still insist on stealing from my farm!" Benjamin Cow mooed furiously.

After hearing what had been going on, the health department shut down the farm. Benjamin Cow remained in prison while the women got a nice apartment together downtown and worked at the local diner, selling human burgers to get by.