School Counseling Newsletter

April 2020

Dear students...

Just because we aren't together in the building doesn't mean we aren't still here for you when you need us. We're all learning and navigating this time together, so please reach out via email with any questions or concerns!

Take care of yourselves. Stay healthy. Stay happy.

WRHS School Counseling Department

In this issue...

How To Plan Your Day...

Choice Boards



College Info for Juniors and Seniors

UMass Nursing Expo

How To Plan Your Day:

Daily Activity - Plan Your Day (from

Either the night before or first thing in the morning, take five minutes to plan your day. Planning ahead of time not only sets the priorities and goals for the day, but it also helps you stay focused on them for success all day.

  1. Write down any appointments that are already scheduled (perhaps your teacher has scheduled a Zoom appointment, or you have a teleconference with your doctor).

  2. Set goals for the day and what you’d like to achieve. Then make those goals happen by listing out the tasks needed to accomplish the goals.

  3. Use time blocking to schedule tasks. If you have time planned to complete tasks, you are much more likely actually to do them. For longer projects, schedule enough time to accomplish that task. For small projects such as cleaning your desk, filing paperwork, filling out forms, or scheduling appointments, batch them into half-hour or one-hour blocks. You can even use the Pomodoro Technique to make help you be focused and productive.

  4. Schedule time to check email and calls. Schedule an hour each day to reply to emails and phone calls.

  5. At the end of the day, transfer any unfinished tasks or to dos to tomorrow’s planner page.

Choice Boards

Please review the weekly choice board and the activities listed for each day. As a reminder, this is optional and not required, but we encourage you to look it over and give it some thought. Counselors had fun putting resources together for you! Next Monday, you will receive another choice board.

Week of March 30th: Choice Board

Week of April 6th: Choice Board

Week of April 13th: Mental Health Monday

Scheduling for the 2020-2021 School Year...

At this point, most of you have met with your school counselor about your requests and recommendations in PowerSchool. If you haven't, counselors will be reaching out to you this week! One slight change... reconsideration forms (blue forms) are now due by April 24th. Please connect with your school counselor with questions!

HERE is the link to the scheduling timeline.

HERE is the link to the reconsideration form.


If you need to submit a scholarship application that was supposed to be handed in to the counseling office, please email the application directly to Mrs. Scott at

For those students who are eligible to apply for the Koplik scholarship, an email will be sent directly to you next week! The deadline to submit that application is now JUNE 1st! Those applications can be emailed directly to Mrs. Clark at

If you need a copy of your transcript, please email your counselor directly!

College Resources for Juniors and Seniors:

College Board SAT Updates - SAT School Day and May 2nd SAT Cancelled; They're working on a plan for students to take AP exams at home.

ACT - the April 4th ACT has been cancelled and students will receive and email to take it on June 13th, which is the next schedule exam. ACT is also offering digital learning, and workforce resources

to assist students, teachers, and workers impacted by COVID-19. LETTER FROM ACT.

NACAC - National Association for College Admission Counseling has a lot of Covid-19 resources - updated deposit deadlines for colleges, virtual tours for juniors, etc.

NCAN - The National College Attainment Network has put together a website of resources for this time

Central Mass Nursing Schools Expo

The Nursing Expo for high school students originally scheduled at UMass will be an online resource this year. On the UMass Graduate School of Nursing website (on or after April 5th), they will have a page with resources for students that will include:

  • A video recorded presentation highlighting the different aspects of nursing.
  • Information regarding preparing to apply to nursing schools – how you can be ready to apply!
  • Links directly to all of the 16 colleges/universities nursing departments that were planning to attend the Expo.
  • A space to type questions about nursing, etc. They will compile the list and post responses by 4/13/2020 on our website.

Follow THIS LINK on or after April 5th to view the information on the Central MASS Nursing Schools Expo Resource for high school students.