May 2016

Spring happenings at SHACC

It's May!

Which means it's time for spring cleaning at SHACC. We get to turn off the heat, open the windows of the cabins, and sweep the pollen out of the pavilion. We save some of the deep cleaning for when our staff comes in for the summer (nothing like the annual oven cleaning) but I love to freshen camp up in the spring. This May we'll be planting our garden and raking the leaves, and getting ready for our Memorial Day work weekend. This year we will be hosting a pastor's retreat as well. The gate will be open for anyone that wants a little adventure.

Trying something new...

I thought I would test out this new program which creates a newsletter that we could send to all friends of SHACC. Our newsletter can be published on facebook, our website, and it's link posted to twitter, emailed to a large group of people, or printed and mailed. I thought this would be a great way to help others know what the Lord is doing at SHACC. Let me know what you think! If you know of anyone that would like a copy of the newsletter, just send their contact information my way.

May Donation Reciept

Thank you for being partners in our ministry.


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Richard and Katherine Gross

No. 5806

Date 5/1/2016

Amount $50.00

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