Estridge Edition

News From Our 5th Grade Classroom 11/13/15

What's Happening in the Classroom

Notes from the Teacher

Your child has their new AR goal for this grading period. The AR points will be due 1/13/16.

On Monday, I will send home a form if you are interested in volunteering to chaperone our overnight trip to Camp Tecumseh. This will be due 11/20 (Friday).

Science Bowl Try-outs will be next Friday (11/20) at recess with Miss Erler.

Students will watch the maturation videos Tuesday (11/17) and Wednesday (11/18). A note sent home Thursday (yesterday) from the school nurse. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Fisher (

Below is a note from Student Council about their first service project of the year:

This supply drive will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 1 and go until Wednesday, December 16. It will benefit the Valparaiso Schools Back Pack Project and Hilltop Food Pantry.

The Valpo Back Pack Project is a mini food pantry housed in all the elementary schools so that the social worker can send home food and household supplies to families in need when necessary.

Items that we will collect are: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, detergent, body soap and shampoo. These are all items that food stamps cannot be used to purchase. Also canned and boxed food will be collected.


In math, we will continue to investigate angle measurements in shapes and move onto using protractors to find the exact measurement of angles. We will also discuss vocabulary attached to circles and learn how to draw circles using a protractor.

In Writing, we will continue typing our informational reports and work on adding a text feature to our report.

We will continue working in Unit 3-Verbs. We will work on irregular verbs and past perfect tense verbs.

In Reading, we will continue Unit 4 in Benchmark Reading. We will be practicing Summarizing and Fixing Up Monitoring to comprehend any misunderstanding. Also, we will discuss this unit's genre study of Science Fiction.

In Social Studies, we will begin our next unit of study: 13 Colonies. We will be going back to our textbook where students will read the lesson the night before and discuss the content the next day in class. We are making lap books during our discussion time to provide extra content knowledge in this area.

We will also have a map quiz next week. Your child will receive a new map on Monday and we will take the quiz on Friday.

Spelling List for This Week





















Dates to Remember

November 18th-Chipolte Night for Central

November 25-27-No School Thanksgiving Break

December 12-This is Our Story Performance

December 18-Last Day of School before Winter Break