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Time to plant your pumpkins


It's time to start planting your pumpkins.Here are some step by step rules you may follow if you want pumpkins for the Fall.

First you will need to save the seeds from carving your pumpkin around halloween. You need to wash the seeds, then let them dry out for a few days. Place the seeds in a bag then close it. Save it until it's mid summer.

Second in June you need to find a sunny spot with a place for the vines to grow. Next take a shovel and turn over the soil. Then get a hoe and make rows 5 inches deep 7 inches wide.

Third plant the seeds 8 inches away from each other. Then put dirt on the seeds and mist the rows with water. Water them about once a week until they sprout. Water at the roots because if you spray the leaves they will get moldy.

Last the plants will grow flowers and the flowers will become pumpkins. Let the pumpkins grow until it's almost halloween. Don't water the at all the week you are going to harvest them. Cut the pumkin then save the seeds for next year.

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Spring Break at Moonshadow Campground

March 9-14
Contact : Bree Wilson

Bring your family to Moon Shadow Campground. We will have all kinds of fun activities. During the day you can pan for gold, draw or paint in the art building, or swim in the hot springs. We have great hiking trails for exploring. At night you can look at stars using a telescope.Call now and have an experience of a lifetime.

Locomotion Review

Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson is a book of poems. The poems are all written by a character in the story named Lonnie. Lonnie's poems are about his feelings and experiences. Lonnie and his family are separated due to a tragedy.

In the beginning of the book Lonnie writes poems about his family and friends. At the end of the book his poems are about what has changed in his life and what he sees differently. The theme of the book is never give up hope.
The book Locomotion is a good book. I liked the poems about Lonnie's friends because they were funny and made sense. I especially liked the "Firefly" poem because the kids were having fun chasing the fireflies. I like to do this too.

I recommend Locomotion for 6th-8th grade because anyone younger may not really understand what happened to Lonnie. The poems would not make sense.

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