Guest Author Sarah Weeks

Visiting Ankeny Elementary Schools, April 2020

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Due to the Covid-19 Quarantine, the airport has cancelled Sarah's flight. Our author visit will be postponed. Beaverdale books does have your orders in, and we are waiting to see if we return this year or not before we make final decisions. Thanks for your patience during this time.

Who is Sarah Weeks?

SARAH WEEKS has written more than fifty picture books and novels for young readers including the best selling novels, Pie, Save Me a Seat and So B. It – now a feature length film. Her most recent books are Lizzy McTIzzy (a picturebook) and Soof, the companion book to her novel So B It. In addition to writing, Sarah is a faculty member in the prestigious Writing Program at the New School in New York City and she also teaches a master class at Columbia University’s Teachers College under the auspices of Lucy Calkins. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she splits her time between her homes in Nyack, NY and Jeffersonville, NY. She is married to Jim Fyfe, a high school history teacher and personal presentation coach. She has two grown sons. For more information about Sarah and her books please visit her at and on Twitter @authorweeks

Bio write up provided by Sarah Weeks.

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Cheese/Oggie Cooder

Oggie Cooder loves cheese so much that he carries a slice of cheese with him wherever he goes. It’s not just for a snack – Oggie is an excellent charver. (Charving is when you chew a piece of cheese to carve it into some kind of shape.)

The kids at school think Oggie’s charving is a little strange. But when a big TV show comes looking for people with unusual talents, Oggie is suddenly Mr. Popular. Can Oggie charve a path to fame and score an invite to the party of the year without melting under the pressure?

No matter how you slice it, you’re going to laugh your head off when you read about one small kid becoming a really big cheese, in this hilarious combination of Oggie Cooder and Oggie Cooder, Party Animal.



So B. It

Read the book before your watch the movie!

Movie clip is an interview with Autism Live! She discusses some differences, but also how she disagrees with the PG13 rating of the movie.

So B. It- Special Needs in Storytelling (Sarah Weeks)


Is the sequel/companion book to So B. It.

*So B. It spoiler in the video. Don't view the Soof book trailer until after you have read the first book!

Soof by Sarah Weeks | Scholastic Fall 2018 Online Preview

More About Reader's Theatre

Go to the Teaching Books, Author Video Collection to view authors Avi, Sharon Creech, Walter Dean Myers and Sarah Weeks perform their books and share insights and strategies for incorporating Reader's Theater into the classroom. They were filmed in conjunction with a HarperCollins Reader's Theater event. Look for these videos of them performing books by Sarah Weeks:

  • #4 Jumping the Scratch
  • #8 So B. It

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