Stephanie Martinez

Getting To Know Me


Name: Stephanie Martinez

Age: 16

Birthday: July 7, 1999

Born in: Oak Cliff , TX .


Siblings: I have 4 sisters ( I'm the youngest)

My Role Model

My Role Model is My sister Marina (4th sister) . She's 23 years old , and she has showed me how to overcome any obstacle that comes my way .

Plans After High School

I wanna Become a Register Nurse , and hopefully attend Texas A&M , Texas Tech , or the University of Chicago .

Favorite Foods

My favorite food is Indian food , and Chinese food

Best Friends

My Best Friends are the people that make me smile , and I can come for advice for , or vise versa .

Favorite Singers

My favorite singers are:

-Frank Sinatra

- Mick Jenkins

- Kanye West

-The Weeknd

- Nyck Caution


- Travis $cott

- J. Cole

-Chris Miles

- Frank Ocean

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Favorite Songs

The Water[s] Album by Mick Jenkins

About you by Nyck Caution

Paper trails by Joey B

3500 by Travis $cott

My Funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra

Goldie by A$AP Rocky

Beauty Behind The Madness Album by The Weeknd

Bound 2 by Kanye West

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Favorites Movies

- Grease

- Fast Five

- Taken

- Cinderella

- Colombiana

- Breakfast at Tiffany's

Favorite Places To Eat

- Starbucks (obsessed with coffee)

-Samosa Hut & Grill


- Steak and Shake

- Rock and Roll Cafe

Favorite Place I've visited

My Favorite places I've gone to out of many is New Orleans. Everybody is really nice, and nobody really sleeps.

Favorite Sports

My Favorite sports are Volleyball and basket

Favorite Colors

- Maroon

- Gold

- Black

Favorite Quotes