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All about Mrs. Hoefel by Emma Bertrand

We have another new teacher at Oakview Elementary – Mrs. Hoefel , a 4th grade teacher in room 409. She began teaching in Columbia , South Carolina, but she grew up in Lexington , South Carolina. She has taught 2 years in second grade and this her second year teaching fourth grade . She LOVES dogs, gummy bears , kit cats ,but most of all teaching! She teaches science instead of social studies but prefers the subject. Mrs. Hoefel’s favorite book is Wonder by R.J. Palicio. This is all about Mrs. Hoefel!

The 100th Day Celebration by Allison Kim

The hundredth day celebration at Oakview Elementary is a big tradition for first grade. The whole first grade gets together in the cafeteria to celebrate and learn about the number 100. The hallway is decorated with the help of the first grade teachers. Students get to wear clothing with 100 objects on it. Some creative pieces of clothing were 100 legos, 100 skittles, 10 number 10 playing cards, and 100 polka dots. They get to do fun things such as doing exercises for 100 seconds. The One Hundredth Day Celebration is a big moment for first grade to remember the number 100.

The grade joins in the cafeteria. Oakview's principal, Dr. Reavis, becomes a magician and turns 100 pennies into a 1 dollar bill with the students counting the pennies. They hear a book about 100 bones for a dog read by Mrs. Riddle. Mrs. Wheeler-Hawkins, Mrs. Sexton, and Mr. Tony Alvarado, one of the custodians, dress up as the number 100. Mr. Tony is the "1", while Mrs. Wheeler-Hawkins and Mrs. Sexton are the "0"s. They all say their place value.

The 100th Day Celebration is a big moment for first grade to learn about math using 100. I hope you will enjoy the 100th day celebration!

The Science Fair by Anaiah Bruckner

As an important event of our school year, I couldn't help wanting to write about the science fair. I interviewed Ms. Angelo, one of our 3rd grade teachers, about this event. I asked her if she had only 1 sentence to describe the science fair, what would it be. She states that "The science fair is a chance for students to explore and investigate things they want to know." She calls it an opportunity for students to work together or alone, and answer what they have been wondering about. Ms. Angelo is very experienced in this, for she has been on the committee for 10 years. Many people wonder, where do the winners go after our science fair? Well, the 4th and 5th grade teams and 5th grade winner go to the district fair to compete with other kids in the district. When I asked her how they plan the Oakview fair, she said it depends on the date of the district fair, because all fairs must be done before then. The science fair is usually held on math-science-technology night. The teachers and staff from Oakview that serve on the committee are Mrs. Bolt, Ms. Teeple, Ms. Rewis, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Curry, Mrs. DeMerritt, and Mrs. Sexton. Who judges the science fair? Surprisingling, it isn't any staff from our school. A science teacher is picked from the district to come ot our school. Ms. Angelo said that if she could change one thing about the science fair, kindergarten through second grade could participate too. She also would change the perspective of the science fair being too hard.

I myself have done a science fair project in 3rd grade. I did mine by myself, and I did it on crystals. I must admit that it is fun to see my project standing up there with other ones. It is also fun doing the experiment and going through the steps. You get a giant poster board to put your experiment on, and you get to design it all by yourself. It is a totally fun experience, and you get to learn new things. I recommend doing the science fair!

Student Submissions

Foldielocks and the Three Bears

By Keira

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Foldielocks. Foldilocks’s big sister was Goldielocks, so she knew she couldn’t go into the woods, but…

One day, Foldielocks was coming home from school. She saw a dirt road path in the woods, and she went deep into the woods. Each step she took she got deeper, until she found a little house. As she stepped on the porch, it creaked and the door slid open. She looked inside, and clothes were scattered everywhere, and dumped everywhere on the floor.

Of course, she decided what could go wrong, and folded all the clothes until she came across 3 cute pairs of clothes and decided to try them on. The first one was too big, the second one was too wrinkly, and the third one fit just right. She decided to keep all of the small clothes, shrink all of the big clothes, and iron all of the wrinkly clothes. Once she was done, she took a nap upstairs.

Soon, someone came in and said with a bold voice, “Why are my clothes so small?” Another voice said, “Why are my clothes all straight?” And the smallest voice said, “Why are my clothes all gone?” They went upstairs to find Foldielocks. She ran and ran, and never went back into the woods without being supervised. The moral to the story is never fold bears’ clothes!