AIM 2 Northern Ireland

Emily Hefner

All Nations Church Alive, Belfast

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Month of November

WEekend with Bro Warbington

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We were honored to have Bro Micha Warbington come and minister to us at the beginning of the month. Powerful move of God, and speaking just what we needed to hear.


We had a lovely time of sightseeing in the Tollymore forest, and in New Castle, Northern Ireland. It was a great time of fellowship, beautiful sights, and delicious food.

Praise & Worship

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Weekend with the Stark family

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It was such a pleasure to have Bro & Sis Stark come visit us from Columbus, Ohio. What a word Bro Stark brought from the Lord. So thankful for these precious people who took the time to come be with us, and minister into our lives.
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Had a lovely time of sightseeing with the Stark family this weekend. We went on a historical tour around Belfast learning of the many troubles that the people of Ireland have gone through. Please continue to pray for the people of Ireland.

Thanksgiving Weekend

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What a blessing it was to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Missionaries and AIMer family we have here. This is only one of the many blessings that I am thankful for. Altogether, it was wonderful time of fellowship, and good food.


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I had the honor of speaking the last Sunday morning of this month. Our theme for this month was on living in the End Times. Sermon title: "Just give me five more minutes."

About Me

My name is Emily Hefner, I was born and raised in Oklahoma.

With a constant desire to be used of God, He led me overseas for the first time to the country of Scotland. I lived in Glasgow for a year attending Harvest Bible College, and AIMing under the Missionaries The Kelley's. After a weekend visit to Northern Ireland I felt the burden and call to go there. With much prayer, fasting, and time, I received clear confirmation from God that this was the place He wanted me next. I am now working under the missionary family at Greater Life Church, and All Nations Church Alive here in Northern Ireland.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. If you have any questions, or would like to see what I'm up to, please feel free to email me or stay in touch through social media. God Bless!

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