Why we should not let homeowners build here.

Three boundries

Divergent, Convergent, and Transform

The three boundries are divergent, convergent, and transform. Transform is when two tectonic plates slide past each other. Divergent is when two tectonic plates stay or move away from each other. Last but not least, convergent is when the two plates come together.


Divergent boundries cause the plates to move apart and the crust is created by magma rising. Convergent boundries cause volcanoes and earthquakes from the friction and pressure of the plates. Transform boundries cause very hazardness earthquakes when the plate tectonics slide against each other.

A Better Place

One option is to focus on the archtecture of the building so that it can withstand shifting and movement, and instead of bridges and high roadways, there needs to be more roadways that will withstand shifting and movement. Another option is to keep housing development away from these plate lines. Third, and last, option is get the goverment to offer tax breaks for building and establishing bussiness to builld else where.

What is in the Planet!

In the Inner Core it is about 5000 degrees! In the Outer Core it is about 4000 degrees, the Mantle is about 1200 degrees, and the Upper Mantle is about 600 degrees. Convection currents cause the plates to move.