Sport: NEW! Flash Sport Shoes

Manon Ryan, Head of Sport and Fashion

The Flash Shoes

A Lady in Sydney has invented the Flash Sport Shoes. The flash shoes are a running sport shoe that work in all sport.What would happen in netball is if you stepped the shoes would start to flash. In football if you were bouncing the ball and ran longer than 20 steps without a bounce they would start to flash. With these shoes you can program them to the sport you play. The good thing is that they will never run out of battery and will never get wet

The Making

Because of the non toxic chemical in the shoe if it is raining the technology in the shoe will not break and the shoe will never feel wet. The Lady named Sarah Hills said "being 25 it was hard to take time out of life to work on it but one weekend I had the chance to start and I did and went on from there". Hills says that "it must of taken one hundred try's but she got there". As this is a great invention it will definately become big in Australia and maybe even the world.

The Look

As Sarah and Nike were in sync together they made the shoe. Sarah did the technology and Nike did the design and comfort. These shoes come in three different designs ORANGE AND BLACK, AQUA AND GREY and PINK AND BLACK.

ONLY $99.99