Game Design Career

Is this for real??

Believe it or not, Georgia now teaches Game Design courses in High School.

The Department of Education began the Game Design pathway in the fall of 2015. You would take three classes to complete this pathway.

Introduction to Digital Technology (Everything technology under the sun is learned)

Computer Science Principles (Java mostly)

Game Design (Unreal Engine 4 and IOS/Aindroid App creation)

There are several Game Design companies IN and AROUND Atlanta!

There is a growing industry looking for experienced and qualified candidates (Yes, that can be you) to join their ranks in creating the latest, greatest apps and innovating the gaming industry. You would be surprised at how many gaming companies are based in north Georgia! Learning a specific trade such as Java or the Unreal Engine 4 can get your foot in the door for an AMAZING career that could easily pay you well above $40,000 at the entry level if you are good enough and work hard enough!

Several colleges and Universities now teach Game and App Design Courses

No matter where you are at now, Game Design could be a good fit for you. The Technology industry is only going to continue to grow from here on out. So if you enjoy gaming and are creative or artistic this could be a win/win for you!