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Week of March 25th

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Keep your eye on the ball....

We never got that snow day I was secretly hoping for....and boy could we have used it! At times those days can help us recharge! I can almost taste how wonderful Spring Break is going to is coming!!

March has been packed and all of our to do lists are growing. Take time to remember your personal and professional priorities and work to keep your eye on your main priority...the students! This week, Gerry Brooks sent a message to his might be the best part of that child's day!

Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, March 25th:
  • Quarterly Collaboration - 2nd Grade
  • 3rd grade PLC

Tuesday, March 26th:

  • Chatham Arts on Campus!
  • 8:15 - 9:00 - Assembly for 3rd - 5th grade classes
  • The rest of the day - 5th graders will participate in workshops.
  • Quarterly Collaboration - Kindergarten
  • Classified Staff Meeting at 1:30 in Lunchroom
  • Teacher Meeting after dismissal in Media Center (Snacks provided by Ross, Loftus, Evans, Lasater, Shugart)

Wednesday, March 27th:

  • 4th/1st PLC

Thursday, March 28th:

  • 3rd - 5th Grade Math Check In - Please keep the hallways quiet. Testing will take place all around the school.
  • 2nd/K PLC
  • AIG Needs Assessment Meeting (Shugart's Room after school)

Friday, March 29th:

  • 4th/5th Grade Reading Check In - Please keep the hallways quiet. Testing will take place all around the school.
  • MTSS District Meeting 2-4 (Ross, Evans, Loftus, Murray)
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Report Card Grades:

  • End of the 3rd nine weeks - March 28th
  • Report Cards will go home with everyone Friday, April 5th
  • Grades will be Due to Evonne on Tuesday, April 2nd at 8 am

Instructional Assistant of the Year Nominations - Please take a minute or two to read district requirements and nominate one of our instructional assistants by this Friday! Our School Improvement Team will review nominations next week.

PTA Idea for Raffle/Auction for World's Carnival:

Last year, kids so enjoyed winning teacher experiences at the World's Carnival. Some ideas that PTA came up with are here. Please do not feel like you must sign up. However, please do if you would like to join in the fun. Your experience will be raffled off/auctioned off to raise money for our school. : ) Please feel free to get creative and add other ideas to the list.

Supply Lists: Classroom Supply List for 19-20: PTA worked with a company to sell pre-packed boxes with classroom materials last year and would like to do the same this year. Please work on a general supply list with your grade level. I left last years information so you can review what was requested previously. We will turn this list into the company and post/share with families. This is due by April 12th. Include what you want and that is what the company will get. Just include brand names if it matters (Clorox wipes, Expo markers, Ticonderoga Pencils, etc).

PowerSchool/Clever Issues: Some of you have unfortunately been experiencing the wrath of PowerSchool and have had students "kicked out" of programs like iReady, Achieve 3000, and Freckle. Each time it's happened, Mandy has spoken with multiple district IT personnel to look into the problem. The district will always investigate and come back with, "It's a PowerSchool issue." Sometimes the students reappear the next day, sometimes it takes a few days. The final word on the problem is this: For some reason PowerSchool is getting "stuck" on students when it resets at night and deletes them. This then deletes those students' accounts from their Clever Portal. When PowerSchool resets the next night, it usually adds them back into the system and everything is fixed. There is nothing Chatham County can do about it. It is a PowerSchool problem and there is only one person at DPI that handles all things PowerSchool. The district is asking for anyone who experiences this problem to put in a tech ticket every time. They will still investigate the problem, but if it is a PowerSchool problem, a tech ticket will better allow them to track and document the issues.

CEUs: The district has been made aware that several teachers' CEUs are being officially input as "General Education" rather than "Literacy" and this is impacting the renewal process. It is suggested all teachers look into this matter whether you are in a renewal year or not. Go to this page on Chatham County's website and click, "Check CEUs". You need 3 Subject Area, 3 Literacy, and 2 Digital Learning Competencies to renew. Look through your list of PD and see if anything was input as General Education and should have been marked as Literacy. If you see discrepancies, you must input them onto this document so Mandy can turn them into the district to be adjusted. This must be done by April 1 so the district has time to change them before the renewal window opens on April 15th.

CEU Sign In Sheets: We are looking into getting certified staff CEUs for our Staff Meetings and Quarterly Collaborations. In order to achieve this, our meeting sign in sheets must be on the district CEU document. These sign in sheets are in Mandy's room and she'll be asking you during PLCs to sign in for the meetings you were in attendance. If you don't meet in a PLC, please stop by when she is in the room or email her a time to meet. She is tracking who is signing and for what dates, so please only do this when she is with you.

Consider completing a Positive Office Referral this week!

Weekly Note:

  • Feedback? Suggestions?....leave us some info in the Weekly Note!
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HARD WORK pays off! First grade finished their year long map!

Car Duty for the Week:

AM Duty: Parrish, Avilia, K. Horton, Alvarez, Webster, B. Horton

PM Duty:Team 5 - Membreno, Torres, Exley, Rockett, Lowing, Davis, Horton, Shugart

Please do not send out mass emails regarding other covering duty for you due to an absence/progressional development. We must have confirmed people out at car duty and we have been short several days due to no one answering the mass email and/or people not covering their duty. This is too important a time of day for us to hope someone sees the email and helps out. Please text a friend that doesn't have duty to switch with you and/or text Carla.